Deal breaker

WATCH: Here’s the biggest hookup red flag of 2020

Setting aside the fact that we’re not even halfway through a pandemic and most people’s sex lives have been reduced to browsing the LGBTQ section of Netflix for the seventeenth time, Michael Henry‘s latest video identifies the number one reason to kick someone out of your bed this year — political indifference.

We’ve all had plenty of time to get our civil participation ducks in a row (and if you still need help, it’s not hard to find), so before you go trying to justify why its OK to sit this one out, just think about how it’ll affect your future romantic entanglements if nothing else.


Featuring: Michael Henry, Clink Keller, Chris Renfron, Nathan Mohebbi 

Written By: Michael Henry

Directed by: Paul McGovern Jr. & Michael Henry

Director of Photography: Paul McGovern Jr. 

Edited by: Paul McGovern Jr.