The right moves

WATCH: Hermione from ‘Harry Potter’ went to Pride and it was lit

Another London Pride has come and gone, and it isn’t hyperbole to say the festival was full of magic.

And while the streets were buzzing with all manner of queer alchemy, one attendee, in particular, was casting just the right spells.

Kelsey Ellison has become better-known online as “Dancing Hermione,” the Harry Potter-loving, ballroom-inspired dancer who sure knows how to wave a wand.

A short video clip of Ellison showing off her moves was uploaded by actor and artist Hannah Snow, and has been re-shared over 93K times.

“Dancing Hermione found her people,” Snow wrote.

She added:

On her own account, Ellison shared a bit of her Pride experience:

London pride was incredible today (I got changed into dancing Hermione)

I’m just so thankful and grateful I live in a country where we can be proud a celebrate who we are.

Also thank you to the Black gay ballroom scene for inspiring me to vogue like no ones watching