WATCH: Hillary Clinton Formally Endorses Marriage Equality

In a video released today by HRC, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained why she supports marriage equality for lesbian and gay couples. Most of us assumed Clinton had already spoken out on behalf of same-sex marriage—or at least that it was implicit in her famous “gay rights are human rights” speech from 2012.

Either way, it’s a nice speech. Only, why did she have to wait till she left office to make it?

Are you happy with Clinton’s statement, or should it have come sooner? Make your own statement in the comments section below!

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  • Cam

    Isn’t it interesting just how wrong the “Conventional Wisdom” was.

    All of the large gay groups, and the political experts ALL said that gay rights was a losing issue, and that we should back off and let politicians throw us under the bus because they really liked us but now just wasn’t a good time.

    We saw HRC attacking Dan Choi and trying to get gay couples to drop marriage lawsuits.

    And what happened? Gay rights is now seen as a MAJOR losing issue for the GOP and the DEMS either have already or are all hastily lining up to say that they support it.

    Just good to remember that most of these “Experts” aren’t really experts. They just happen to have convinced somebody that they know what they are talking about and to pay them for it. Many actually would lose their jobs if we had full gay rights, not saying there is another motive…….

  • Jay

    On first reading, I thought the headline said “Finally,” not “Formally.”

    Took you long enough, Hil.

  • JDJase

    I particular liked the line “I support it personally AND as a matter of policy and law”. A lot better than the “I PERSONALLY support it. Period” that we got from someone else…

  • alexoloughlin

    Of course, whoever the next GOP contender for the White House will be I guarantee won’t support it while moderate members in their party are slowly evolving. They have no chance in winning in 2016. Support has to come from the top echelons of their party and that’s not going to happen while Boehner remains opposed.

  • Markie-Mark

    A politician with shifting values. A paraphrase of SNL: H.R. Clinton – “If I had
    known then what I know now, that you could be in favor of marriage equality and
    still be elected President, I would have never pretended to be against it.”

  • paddyshea

    I am delighted Hillary has endorsed same-sex marriage.

    I heartily endorse her for President in 2016 & 2020!

    Many LGBT–mostly gay men–also heavily discriminate–

    against each other and ourselves. A good looking young

    guy is afraid to even chat with an old queen like me for

    fear it’d be interpreted the ‘wrong way.’

    Get the gist?

    Be glad politicians are coming out on this issue.

    Now, let’s all freely offer marriage (ha!) to each other!

  • Markie-Mark

    It really is too bad that she never lifted a finger to help the LGBT people in Iraq while she was Sec. of State. She had the power to save some lives. Very sad.

  • titansweet

    @paddyshea: Totally true!

  • Derek Williams

    @Markie-Mark: You watched Clinton’s whole speech, and presumably her address to the United Nations, and that’s all you can see?

    Seems to me that many correspondents crying over spilt milk must enjoy the combativeness that underdog status facilitates. Loaded for bear and tearing every positive advance to shreds.

    Speaking personally, I welcome any statement by anyone, that supports the advancement of equality, even if like my own father, they previously didn’t.

    Pouring scorn on Hillary Clinton and others who support us will get you, and us, nowhere.

  • Jay

    @Derek Williams

    I do not feel scorn for Hilary.

    It’s just that if the Clintons had come out in favor of gay marriage during their own presidency, the whole DOMA thing might have been avoided. And DADT, for that matter.

  • bmwblonde

    Poor Markie-Mark. It’s quite an all-consuming “career” to be a lifelong, professionally embittered Victim. And, when one thus becomes SO judgmentally a Victim, there is no need for anyone outside to oppress such a person — because they’ve taken on the whole job for (and against) themselves. Meanwhile the world moves on. Too bad Markie-Mark has to be stuck in the Bitter Past. What drama.

  • Derek Williams

    @Jay: “If only” achieves nothing except a bad taste in the mouth about the past, that cannot be changed.

    Gay hate hasn’t just been the preserve of misguided straight people, considering a huge hunk of it comes from self-hating closet homosexuals whose misguidedness leads them to attack the very rights they would benefit from. Tragic caricatures like Bishop Eddie Long, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Rev Ted Haggard, Sen. Roy Ashburn come to mind. Clinton can hardly be said to have ever been in this category.

    Given that we are minority that according to US Census polls 2004, 2008 and 2012 number a mere 4% of the population, we could be easily subdued again under the Tyranny of the Majority, often spoken about by President John Adams. We need all the help we can get from straight allies.

    I cannot see what going on and on about what someone didn’t do for us in the past achieves. They’re doing it now and so far as I am concerned, this is to be welcomed.

  • Markie-Mark

    @bmwblonde: It is quite telling that instead of defending Hillary’s record as Sec. of State or her past positions, you chose to attack the person who brings them up.

    There can be no surprise that LGBT persons are not united. Discussion is not allowed by a vocal minority of bullies.

    For the record, I think her statements are good and welcome. But there should still be consequences for past actions (or in-actions)and statements. They should be mentioned and remembered in order to facilitate informed discussions. Discussions that you obviously do not want.

  • wrww

    Of course we should welcome Hillary’s endorsement, and congratulate her on finally coming through. There is no reason to ignore the obvious fact that both she and Bill waited until they were ENTIRELY in the clear to formally take this position though. It shouldn’t be a big surprise, knowing that the Clintons have often taken the public temperature on issues like this to inform their public positions. We’ve only all been sitting here watching it this whole time. In that regard, I find it amusing, all the fanfare that Hillary finally weighs in last. LOL.

  • Brian

    Hillary Clinton = fake gay advocate.

  • Derek Williams

    @Brian: What’s in it for her? Gays accounted for only 4% of the US population in the last three Census – 2004, 2008 and 2012.

    She would be far better off looking after the other 96% who declare themselves to be heterosexual.

    What you just said makes no logical sense at all.

  • Derek Williams

    @wrww: What are you talking about? Hillary Clinton got there well before Joe Biden and before President Obama, and before a whole lot of other recent converts.

    Take a look at her address om 6th December 2011 to the United Nations, and see the Islamic nations who walked out, and then tell me again this woman has no courage:

    Don’t mistake goodwill for anything other than goodwill. LGBT are and always will be a minority. Biting the hand that feeds us is a serious mistake.

    I welcome every new statement that supports equality for all, and the more extreme their previous position against us was, the greater effect their epiphany will have upon those extremists who remain hostile to us.


    Even though many may see this public declaration as a little “late,” I feel like Hilary and Bill did what they could during the 1990’s, and now that society is more open, they can be open about how they truly feel.

  • John Doe

    I just love how these politicians (especially the lawyers) are “evolving” on this issue now at the same time that society is more accepting and pro-equality.

    The Constitution and facts never changed. The only thing that changed was the political and public environment.

    If society was 75% against marriage equality today (vs. now over 55% for equality) you can be sure that NONE of these politicians would have “evolved” on this issue. They aren’t looking at the Constitution, they are looking at the public’s acceptance.

    Always doing what is politically safe. Both parties do it. Republicans are constrained by the social conservatives and the liberals are following the public’s increasing acceptance.

    Politics people. Nothing more.

  • hephaestion

    Hell, I thought she’d endorsed marriage equality years ago! Well, we all knew she loved us. After I saw photos of her visiting Gore Vidal’s home on the Amalfi coast I knew she was cool.

  • Derek Williams

    @John Doe: But why would they bother, even when it is politically ‘safe’? Gays are still a tiny minority (openly gay only 4% at the last three US Census exit polls in 2004, 2008 and 2012).

    A politician could get by perfectly well just by supporting only the self declaring heterosexual 96% of the population. 96% percent support is usually enough to get elected.

    Not everyone is courageous enough to lose their jobs by backing us. Even when President Obama decided to swing in on same-sex marriage at the last minute, there was not a single person who knew what it was going to cost him on election night. All the polls had Romney overtaking him after his and Biden’s announcement of their support. That said, Obama already had earned his LGBT credentials with his close interaction with HRC, It Gets Better, DADT Repeal, the Clinton LGBT UN address, the White House LGBT Rights Memorandum, yet still managed to get re-elected.

    If a political ally can’t gain and retain a seat in the house because of their public stand on LGBT rights, then we’re on a hiding to nothing. “Festina Lente”.

  • FStratford

    Oh Please.

    This is not the first time that she endorses marriage equality. Its the first time since she left office, yes. first time with HRC, yes. Not the first time ever.

    She already sided with marriage equality when she spoke in front of the UN and spoke of full LGBT rights, including marriage.

    To the detractors, she has done way more for LGBT as a Secretary of State than anyone before her. Beat that!



  • Daggerman

    ….hats off to Hilary for being a sensible, enlightened figure of authority on Gay issues all around the World…sadly she’ll be opposed to such an extent she may run for cover.

    The true cowards of our societies are the ones who cannot accept differences.

    ryuall society is not being ble to accept

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