WATCH: Holland Goes Way Beyond “It Gets Better” In New Anti-Bullying PSA



The Dutch Children’s Ombudsman, a governmental child-rights group in Holland is tackling bullying in a new PSA, and they’re not pussyfooting around.

In the above clip, created by media firm Lemon Scented Tea and directed by Anne de Clercq, we follow the story of Dave, a Dutch 16-year-old who endures daily beatings and harassment at school because he’s gay. It’s one of four videos created as part of the “Every child has the right to…” campaign that puts children’s rights in the spotlight.

What’s truly unique, though, is that these stories are true. In fact, that’s David himself you see from behind in the video. Queerty reader David Pfister, who brought the campaign to our attention, says, “the film it is shaking up Holland.”

We were pretty shaken up after watching it too.