WATCH: Homoerotic Russian cadets inspire scores of other hot Russians to take it off and twerk

This is a meme we can live with.

Two weeks ago we learned about some particularly sprightly cadets at the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation (UIGA) who were being disciplined after a frisky YouTube video was discovered.

Sadly, the video was quickly taken down.

Then last week, it resurfaced. While scholars can endlessly debate the existence of a god, the cloud is very real and remembers everything.

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But the story is far from over.

The video, set to the perennial classic “Satisfaction” by the Bach of our generation, Benny Benassi, inspired a wave of uninhibited sexploration in Russia.

Check out some of the best below:


And then the theater kids took over. Those theater kids are everywhere today:


h/t Hornet