WATCH: Hot, Angry Frenchmen Still Protesting Gay Marriage, This Time At The Beach!

Why does every French anti-gay protester have to be so damn hot? It’s a question we’ve pondered for quite some time, and one we may never know the answer to.

Despite their loss, four Frenchmen have made another unintentionally erotic video in which they storm the beach at Normandy Montpellier to protest the jailing of Nicolas Bernard-Busse, the first man sentenced to jail in France for rebelling against police during an anti-marriage demonstration last month.

After catching some waves, these cuties swim ashore to unravel a banner reading “liberez-nicolas”, or “free Nicolas” with some fancy fireworks.

We’d tell them to give it up, but we kind of want to see another one of these silly protest videos.

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  • Jackhoffsky

    Something is seriously lost in translation when the protests are gayer than the gays they are protesting.

  • Mike

    Why do they keep saying they are hot? NOT!

  • Scribe38

    Gay Director: Hey homo-haters get half naked and roll around in the water and I will film it.

    Homo Haters: And that will stop gay marriage?

    Gay Director: ummmm…. sure.

  • PommePatate

    One of the fun fact is that Montpellier is one of the most gay friendly city in France. They’re only 4 :’)

  • yaoming

    These guys don’t even look old enough to be married, so what do they care? How is gay marriage affecting their non-marriages?

  • MK Ultra

    These “protesters” are truly a joke.
    Maybe in France this is somehow interpreted as anti-gay.
    But here, this is like the plot to a cheap, low budget gay porn.
    Either take it off, Le Homo, or get lost!

  • MikeE

    ok, first of all: “hot”????? you have GOT to be in some serious lackashakingup!
    these guys are VERY ordinary. not even appealing in their ordinariness.

    Secundo: so, so, SO, so sad to see the land that gave us François Truffault reduced to this.

    Tertio: “Pommepatate”? really? why apple potato?

  • Fidelio

    @ouragannyc: Hmmmm, four naked guys with masks on? Clearly, you are not familiar with gay porn.

  • ouragannyc

    Why were my two posts deleted?
    Seriously? LOL.

  • PommePatate

    @MikeE: Why not ?

  • Atomicrob

    A rather lame protest . . . this is the largest group they could muster? Pathetic. The masks are reminiscent of the KKK, no?

  • mpwaite

    ……………………………………………..YAWN.. Wake me when they’re out of the board shorts.

  • jmmartin

    @Mike: I suspect you are saying the homophobic protesters in masks arriving in a row boat are “not” attractive because although the may be physically good looking, they are ugly inside. The first time I saw Laura Ingraham on Fox Noise I thought she was one of the prettiest women I ever saw. Then I realized what was coming out of her mouth was hideous, the words of a far right wingnut. From then on, every time I saw her — while channel surfing: I do not watch Fox Noise — I saw a hideous person, “ugly as sin,” appropriate since she always wears a gold cross on a chain and displays it so that it is never hidden by a blouse or other clothing. She is as unlike the principles of the prophet she professes to follow she might as well be a follower of some dictator in a banana republic. One is only as beautiful as one thinks, as one is inside. The old adage that beauty is only skin deep applies to these Frenchmen. They are good-looking on the outside but twisted and ugly on the inside.

  • Michaelmouse1

    French fascism seems to run deep in their culture, witnessed by their enthusiastic compliance with the Nazis during their occupation in WW2. The hundreds of thousands of ‘ordinaire’ French citizens who took to the streets to vent their hate in the recent Gay marriage debate tells us many of them haven’t learnt a thing since then. For those who find reportage of these fascist young men titillating or even harmlessly amusing, know that beneath their ‘pretty boy’ looks beats a heart of hate that would happily see you dead.

  • jonathanseer

    @Michaelmouse1: Yeah everyone knows the nazis were the first to wear short haircuts.

    What utter nonsense. If they were enthusiastic they would have been out and out allies of Hitler instead of one of the two nations that challenged him UNLIKE the USA which stood on the sidelines and did nothing to help until after France fell.

    We did nothing for a full two years. We let the United Kingdom fight Nazi Germany ALONE without any help from us for one full year.

    France was a victim of nazism, and the only thing enthusiastic about them during WWII is how enthusiastically they fought even as their nation fell to the nazis.

    That it fell is not due to support of nazis but as a result of being on Germany’s border facing the best of Germany’s army with outdated WWI armaments and border fortifications.

    Why this was so requires someone to actually study history, which you clearly have not.

  • douglassnow

    You don’t have to be a homophobe to find the punishment of Nicolas Bernard-Busse–for nothing more than refusing to give his identity to the police who “interpellèrent” him–savagely disproportionate. “Interpellèrent” means that the cops said, “Hey you! Identify yourself” He didn’t have to–at least he shouldn’t have had to–so he didn’t. Nothing else is charged against him. Four months’ detention, with two under lock and key, is simply outrageous.

  • Mkiel

    Next time they should wear Speedo’s or AC to prove thier point

  • Victor_in_PA

    Homophobes are not attractive. I don’t care if they have good looking bodies. The fact that they are homophobic bigots make them extremely ugly and I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. The country is beautiful. The people I came across in Paris were very typical and nasty. Personally, I don’t care what they think. I have no plans to ever go back.

  • fredhotman

    They must be gay friendly else they would not wear those masks. Lovely boys. A good way to show off. Liberte, fraternite, gayette ,amour , marriage, eternite.

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