WATCH: Hot Swedish Boys Pull The Greatest Justin Bieber Prank Ever

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a celebrity? What kind of natural high would you get from standing in front of thousands of screaming fans just dying to have your babies?

Apparently it’s much easier to experience than you’d think. All you need is a limo, a fake bodyguard, and a hot Swedish boy that (kind of) looks like Justin Bieber. The video of these dudes infiltrating the Grand Hotel in Stockholm has over a half million views in just two days.

We wonder how pissed all of these screaming fangirls are?

From the video’s description:

Justin Bieber was staying at Grand Hotel during his visit in Stockholm, Sweden.

We seized the oppertunity and hired a limo, dressed our friend up as Justin & found a “bodyguard”, we then entered Grand Hotel while everyone was watching and it turned into complete chaos. Enjoy.