WATCH: How A Cute Shirtless Boy Is Helping End America’s Bone-Marrow Shortage

We’ll admit we were first drawn to this public-service announcement by the cute nerdy boy coated in silver paint. (he’s totally giving us a Goldfinger flashback.) But once we watched the clip, we thought it was a genius concept: Copywriter Graham Douglas has teamed up with Help Remedies to create a bandage box that includes a bone-marrow registration kit (all for just $4). If you slice your finger with a knife or get bitch-slapped by your tabby, just swab a bit of blood on the provided cotton tip and mail it off to DKMS, the world’s largest blood-marrow registry.

And then bandage the cut, of course.

Douglas was inspired to create “Help, I’ve Cut Myself and I Want to Save a Life“ after his brother was diagnosed with leukemia. He was astounded by the lack of available donors, even though testing and donation have become much easier and less invasive.

The only downside? According to the FDA’s guidelines, gay men can’t donate bone marrow unless they’ve been celibate for five years. Which is total bullshit. Even more than blood, bone marrow is in extremely rare supply—matches are very hard to find and few people even bother to sign up for the registry. And marrow isn’t banked like blood, so you’d know who it’s coming from and can test them for any icky STDs.

If you think this state of affairs stinks, there’s a petition you can sign. If you’re a lesbian or straight person you should get yourself on the registry. And if you’re a sexually active gay man, well, you can just lie—not something we encourage usually but lives are literally at stake.

Source: PSFK