WATCH: How Does A Morning Goods Model Get That Way, Anyway?

Fans of Morning Goods model Tommy will enjoy his appearance in this video celebrating the launch of teamm8‘s new Athletic 2011 line. Directed by James Demittri, who also shot Tommy’s campaign, it’s “inspired by ’80s dance flicks Flashdance and Fame, as well as today’s TV dance contest shows.”

We cringed a little when we realized Tommy most likely wasn’t alive when Footloose came to theaters, but this sexy, cheeky video gave us a great deal of solace.


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  • Samuel

    I will buy whatever they tell me to…

  • randy

    Sorry, I thought it was just plain awful. Amateurish and boring.

  • BenJosh

    … Yaaaawn … Wake me up when it’s over, will you?

  • ganymeade

    What were they selling? Oh yeah clothes. I got distracted by that beautiful guy. Okay i’ll take a dozen if his picture is on the package. Wow. Nice.

  • JKB


    Speaking of package, was his package for real?

  • neil

    no doubt they’re trying to cater to a gay audience

  • spider_orchid

    He’s cute, but this would have been hotter had they used an actual dancer.

  • Inspector X

    I’d agree, it is amateurish and they should have used a real dancer. But it still to quote a friend of mine “makes me want to tear off my boner and throw it at the screen”.

  • Trevor

    What this video leaves out is that he was basically born looking like this, and added a few pounds of muscle.

  • phallus

    Cool, that he had to stop half way through his dance routine and scratch his nuts. Oh and stop cringing, he’ll have the opportunity to see the Footloose remake.

  • alan Balehead

    so much fat and jealous on here today!!!

  • Travis

    Cocaine and sucking cock?

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