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  • Michael

    I think the video is cute not a trace of homophobia just seems like a cute gay friendly video.Pretty girl and shes got a pretty pleasant voice as well. :)

  • Jude

    I like the video.. Its fun.. I wanna be friends with Simone Battle

  • ipeedmypants

    How can you tell if your boy likes boys???

    You catch him eatin and takin several dicks at a time


  • Gauthier

    Absolutely adorable! I want to be friends with this chick too :)

  • EdWoody

    Aww that song is so cute! And both the boys are hella hot too. We need to make this a hit, to piss off the fundies if nothing else.

  • jason

    Oh, please, girl, just buzz off. You are homophobic towards men, let’s face it. You are also hypocrites in that many of you claim to be bisexual and expect us to applaud you as being glamorous for it. We really don’t need your hypocrisy, ladies. Just fuck off.

  • jason

    Have you noticed how liberals – including women – have a bisexual double standard? If a woman expresses an interest in women, she’s considered “hot” and “open-minded”. If a man does it, he’s considered “controversial” or “gay”. If liberals don’t understand the hypocrisy of their position, they ought to lose every single election for the next 100 years.

    It’s a form of pro-female political correctness and a sell-out by gay men who are more accepting of female bisexuals than male bisexuals. No wonder gay men are becoming increasingly despised, both for their dishonesty and their abjecty hypocrisy.

  • Michael


    Damn dude what don’t YOU hate? Sheesh .

  • phil

    @jason: No, I think you’re the first one to notice uniquely liberal biphobia.

  • jason


    Liberals are largely responsible for the bisexual double standard, a double standard which treats female bisexuality different from male bisexuality.

  • MikeE

    @jason: No, actually, you’re quite wrong on that count (among so many others).

    Horny heterosexual men are responsible for that double standard, regardless of their political affiliations.

  • matt

    hurray for promoting gay stereotypes! cause everyone who likes boys likes lady gaga, watches desperate housewives, and gets manicures. really moving the community forward right here guys

  • fredo777

    lol i thought that was simone from x-factor when i saw the thumbnail.

  • scribe31

    I have been on both sides of this situation and it sucks. I worked with a really nice girl and I thought we were just friends, but she was viewing it totally different. I wasn’t out at work and we had hit a movie and a few lunches. Finally had to come out to her. Like a lot of gay men, I have had the crush on the str8 male friend. It is one thing to have someone not attracted to you, but another to have that person not want anything to do with your whole sex. lol

  • fuzz

    Stereotyping much? Seriously, how is this supposed to be cute? The ‘gay best friend,’ the pop-culture lover, the trendy dresser… Insert a different minority and its list of stereotypes into this video, and it wouldn’t be cute, it’d be cringe-inducing. This is not cool at all.

  • scott ny'er

    this is great. great song, great video.

  • fredo777

    @fredo777: what i meant was that i thought it looked like her but was surprised that she actually had a music video out already. i really liked her performance during judges’ homes round on x-factor. this song/video is cute. hope she has a lasting pop career. she’s pretty, a performer, + has a good voice.

  • james_from_cambridge

    I go away for a few months and return only to find Jason and his brand of crazy still reigns supreme. Lovely.

  • Great Song?

    This is not a great song–even by today’s pop vomit standards. Her voice is a reed-thin film of off key nasal noises that threads its way through a fairly predictable and boring low-energy club track doubtlessly produced by her friend Ray-Ray’s cousin’s younger brother in his garage/studio. If it weren’t for the novelty factor of a song about boys who like boys (OMG!! That’s about US!!) I doubt this thing would have made it far from her digital vanity mirror (aka website where she hocks her crap).

  • AedanRoberts

    Sorry – I do not think this pleasant, lovely, endearing girl meant that EVERY. Gay man like Lady Gaga, or Desperate Housewives, or any other major stereotypes. She’s singing about different experiences and the fact that she seems to keep finding herself being attracted to and pursuing men who like those things. And sorry- but while not all gay men like these things- most who do tend to be gay.

    She does not seem to be saying any of this with maliciousness or out of spite. I do not think a single thing about this video is homophobic in the slightest. Especially with her conclusion- which is pretty much “damn- found myself pursuing another gay guy. Now that I’ve figured it out I may as well embrace who he is and change my expectations.” She didn’t get angry, she saw the silver lining in the curse of her particular taste it men.

    So yes, thank you for posting this and to the singer: you are adorable! Keep going.

  • Gauthier

    @AedanRoberts: Thank you. This exactly the kind of pragmatic, positive comment I was hoping for against the tide of sour, spiteful, insecure comments I was seeing on here. People need to realize as well that the format of this pop song does not allow for her video to stray far from a certain stereotypical portrayal of gay boys, which in my opinion is perfectly fine. And the type she supposedly falls for are young men with a certain sense of style and refinement who could also be considered ambiguously straight Which MAKES SENSE, otherwise she wouldn’t fall for it time and again.

  • ryan

    This is amazing. Just, amazing.
    I don’t see how’s it’s offensive, she isn’t saying anything bad about gay men :S It’s not as bad as Katy Perry’s You’re So Gay song, which actually is offensive. Of all the GODAWFUL music out there (including Lady bloody Gaga), this is actually current, original and fun.
    I like boys, and I like this song.
    Also, she’s kinda hot. I think I’d go there anyway.

  • Scott

    How do you tell if your boyfriend is gay?

    Check your pants. If there’s a penis in there, he’s gay.

  • fredo777

    @Great Song?: Why does her hypothetical friend have to be named “Ray-Ray”?

  • Oh, ok.

    I’d wager if she was white and preferably blonde no one would be claiming this video was offensive or homophobic…

    This video was fun, upbeat, and charming. If you found it offensive you need to get your head checked and then get over yourself.

    There are plenty of videos featuring white women who stereotype the hell out of us including Madonna who so many seem to worship.

    While we’re on the subject of stereotypes why does this site continue to change it’s opinion every other week? Not too long ago you were claiming masculine gays were trying to demean feminine gays, now we’re back to feminine gays are awful stereotypes. Which is it?

    PS I’m outwardly masculine but like to shop for clothes and I watch Desperate Housewives. Does that make me a stereotype? No. Try being a little less insecure about the things you like and maybe this video won’t hit you so hard. The best part of being a gay man is being able to do things some consider feminine and not feeling like you have to hide it like so many cowardly wannabe macho guys tend to do about anything that doesn’t include grunting and saying “No homo.”.

  • Oh, ok.

    PPS there was nothing outwardly feminine about these guys either. In fact they damn near represent most of the gay guys I know in this situation, myself included. And the Clueless scene was hilarious.

    Calling them stereotypes is seriously reaching. Most gay movies stereotype…hard, this video does not.

  • Steve

    @matt: I know, I found that interesting also, although I am gay, none of those things appeal to me lol, gaga, manicures and desperate housewives, too funny

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