WATCH: “In Sickness & Health” Explores The Terminal Consequences Of DOMA

Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan and her wife, Karen, are the focus of the latest video from The Legal Stranger Project, a multimedia series exploring the stories of same-sex couples hurt by the Defense of Marriage Act. After an arduous tour of duty overseas, Charlie is currently battling incurable stage-four breast cancer. Should she not survive, Karen won’t receive the survivors’ benefits she needs to take care of their 5-year-old daughter, Casey.

The Morgans are currently plaintiffs in a lawsuit sponsored by the Service Members Legal Defense Network that’s challenging  laws like DOMA that prevent the military from providing equal recognition to same-sex military spouses.

“It’s unfathomable to me how anyone could look at the Morgan family and not be moved by this story and see how they’re being treated unfairly,” says SLDN Executive Director Aubrey Sarvis. “Here’s a service member, who has risked her life for our nation overseas and now is fighting for her life here at home. She shouldn’t be forced also to fight for her family to be recognized, respected, and provided the same support as any of her peers would receive. It’s time to end the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act and treat all service members as first-class Americans.”


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  • Dumdum

    This is an amazing example as to why we gays should have the SAME rights as all the BREEDERS and bible thumping chest pounding naysayers who CONTINUE to deny us EQUAL RIGHTS and CONTINUE TO FOSTER HATE AND INTOLERANCE. And I say to you queers out there who do not think that LEGAL MARRIAGE is necessary or important. Be thankful that I do not know where YOU LIVE MUTHER [email protected]#%RS !!!!

  • yaoming


  • Mjl-428

    So she’s going to die, and the only thing that we can do, is sit back and watch as it happens because once it happens her wife and daughter will suffer financially. I hate straight people

  • tdx3fan

    This is the exact argument you will get from the right wing…

    They CHOSE to bring the daughter into an unhealthy situation. They did not need to have children, but they chose to anyways. Therefore, there is no reasoning as to why the government should have to invalidate traditional marriage just because of personal choice.

    Of course, the argument is bullshit, but that is exactly what the nutcases think when they see anything like this.

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