Covid who?

WATCH: Insufferable YouTuber throws massive house party at California mansion, mayor ‘outraged’

Fresh off of receiving a perfectly succinct smackdown from supermodel Gigi Hadid, internet creation Jake Paul is once again raising eyebrows.

And this time, the stakes are a bit higher than getting rejected by Zane Malik.

The YouTuber threw a massive party at his California home in violation of the state’s stay-at-home guidance, frustrating neighbors.

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The event also attracted the attention of Alicia Weintraub, the mayor of Calabasas.

“They’re having this large party, no social distancing, no masks, it’s just a big, huge disregard for everything that everybody is trying to do to get things back to functioning,” Weintraub told Fox 11. “It’s really just a party acting like COVID does not exist; it’s acting like businesses aren’t closed.”

“No more gatherings will be tolerated like this,” she said, adding that she’s working with the Lost Hills sheriff on implementing a “zero tolerance” policy on house parties.