Dragging The Haters

WATCH: Irish Drag Queen Gives AMAZING Speech On Gay Rights

If you can’t wait for the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we’ve got a video that may hold you over for a while.

Irish drag queen Panty Bliss (government name: Rory O’Neill) is getting a ton of attention for an amusing, passionate, and heartfelt speech against homophobia in Ireland.

The country is gearing up for a showdown on marriage equality, and the issue has brought out the anti-equality haters.

Panty decided not to take this one lying down, and over the course of 10 minutes proceeds to take down one of the most insidious types of homophobia: the discussions of “intelligent” and respectable people debating whether or not LGBT people should have equal rights.

It’s a great watch, and it’s nice to see a drag queen reading our enemies instead of another drag queen (or audience member) for a change.