WATCH: Is Viral-Video Gayby Lohanthony The Queer Future?

Our Facebook feed has been exploding with clips from Lohanthony (real name Anthony), the adolescent vlogger who possesses a fierceness beyond his years. In the above clip, Anthony has a shout out to all the “basic bitches,” and moves his leg in ways we didn’t think were humanly possible.

Below more Lohansanity and Queerty reader DJ Scruff Pup’s remix of “Basic Bitches.” And Anthony, if you’re reading this, give us a holla. We wanna talk!


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  • mattsy

    Cute!! It does get better!!!

  • Stephen

    More like “puke”. But whatever, good for him.

  • Mimsy

    I adore this kid.

  • Pattywack

    Did Loh actually say in the first video that his iphone pillow “smells like Aids and vinegar?” Did I really hear that correctly?? Wow, within the first minute of watching Loh I coughed up a body glitter hair ball–that’s strange because I don’t own body glitter and I haven’t licked myself in weeks. So no thanks Queerty, I’m not interested in Loh Anthony’s flexy-bendy-twinky-cringe-worthy minstrel show.

  • Jack

    Born this way or thinks he has to be a flamer to fit in?

  • Hello

    How can you not like this kid. He is loads of fun! He would rock a party.

  • Joh

    @Pattywack: Oh yes he did.
    I’m feeling everyone of my 58 years plus a hundred for good measure!
    Torn between being charmed and thanking my lucky stars I did not reproduce.
    And vaguely understanding why I BLEW my fathers mind!

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    The twerking one—a little kid dancing that way to sexual music—could easily be deemed child porn and banned, so good luck with that. He has a great sense of humor and gives new meaning to “precocious” but I’d be really worried if my 13yo was talking such trash and shaking his body on YouTube.

  • 1equalityUSA

    “Eggs and vinegar” is what I heard. The kid is extremely creative and obviously intelligent. I do fear that it could turn on him and he may become jaded if he isn’t careful. His creativity is awesome. The sexuality part made me uncomfortable, given his age. I hope he keeps his rudder in the water and becomes a force of artistic expression. Creative writing would be a great outlet for all of this mind energy. Exploitation is too easy. Good luck, young person. Just remember that once you say something it can never be taken back. Art does not need to exploit to be good.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @1equalityUSA: I heard “AIDS.”

  • Clockwork

    Kiddie porn.

    I hope mom or dad is checking his mail and messages.

  • Kate

    I agree Pattywhack not only is this stupid twink Pozphobic he’s also an idiot.

  • Justin

    @Clockwork: I’m guessing they’re not. I mean the videos are still up. Maybe i’m just thinking of what I would do (or even what my parents would do) watching these videos.

  • Tye

    Anthony is quite is creative and makes himself out to be a very funny and interested kid! Coming from a teenage view this is kind of what we’ve come to be into and loads of people love lohanthony! So to jump to conxlusions like him being pozphobic is very narrow of you because he reaches out to lots of his followers, and he clearly isn’t an idiot, just flat out fierce so try again.

  • Pozguy

    This fool isn’t “fierce” or funny at all. In this age of instant internet celebrity if he wants to make videos where he makes Pozphobic jokes about a pillow “smelling like AIDS” and be a complete idiot he has every right to do this.

  • Richard Ford

    Cute kid with personality plus. I could eat him up. Yeah. But he’s got to lose the “like” crutch in his speech. I’m talking like if you don’t cut out the like, I’m like gonna turn you off in like a couple seconds.

  • not a clone

    good self esteem, funny kid but take of the child porn vid portion – i felt like i had to wash my eyes out after seeing it

  • red

    at least he’ll never have to come out of the closet

  • SFMatt

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Richard Ford is a chickenhawk!

  • jay

    Wtf with the cyber bullying. Yeah, it’s kind of awful that this little ass boy is being sexual and putting it on the internet, but that doesn’t make him deserving of ridicule. What does is the fact that he says the N word at the end of the how to: twerk video. How has nobody pointed that out, yet?? So can we just ridicule him about that???

  • DarkZephyr

    @Pozguy: Do you REALLY think he said “AIDS and vinegar mixed”? Aids and vinegar mixed? Seriously? How do you mix AIDS and vinegar? Get real. The kid said EGGS.

  • NsOmNiAc

    I didn’t even finish the Twerk video. He’s still a baby not really appropriate to post this like ANYWHERE.

  • Mr. Z

    @DarkZephyr: Sounded like aids.

  • Selrah

    @DarkZephyr: I heard AIDS as well.

  • Carlos

    Jay-So he’s a rac!st pig too. No surprise there.

  • Selrah

    @jay: I heard it, doesn’t bother me. I can tell that he is just adopting the language he has heard in the songs and videos he has been listening to.

    If you check out his Tumblr, you will see this.

  • houtx48

    Jay this kid isn’t being “Cyber bullied” and if you watch his shitty videos he deserves all the criticism and flaming he’s getting.

  • GBAKid

    I’m not saying i’m fully supporting what he says. But who cares. He’s 14 having fun.

    I’m pretty sure majority of the commenters are old gay men wishing they could have been out, loud, carefree, and proud at a young age like he is.
    maybe you wouldn’t say the same thing he is but you get what i’m saying.
    Go watch the Golden Girls and leave the boy alone.

  • camembert

    @jay: “Cyber-bullying”? Bull. The kid put it out there for public consumption; it’s gonna get chewed up. The Twerk video isn’t his first either, so the kid can probably take it. I think he knows what he’s doing, except for when he’s appealing to the NAMBLA crowd.

    And I too heard “AIDS and vinegar.”

  • Michael DeSelms

    He needs to clean it a little. I heard “Aids” maybe it was “eggs” but I heard what I heard.

  • shawn kidwell

    this is why we gay folks get beat and have laws against us, we act like this.

  • Michael Sui

    Why do I have an issue with this video. I want to call the child protection services on this kid. I am afraid for him and his safety. He is much to young to do booty anything online. Just not right. Kid take a break and come back when you are 18. Don’t worry there will be plenty of time to get your groove on. Study Hard, have a great childhood and make lots of friends who you can be comfortable with and be yourself. Enjoy your Teenage years.

  • Vega$

    j’adore LOHAN-THONY

  • Queertypie

    @Pattywack: I thought the same thing. I kept thinking, “I hope to God he said ‘eggs and vinegar’.”


    not exactly crippled with self-doubt is he! lol. these are a new breed of shame-free kids; at fucking last! makes a welcome break from kids killing themselves.

    hated the “porny-ness”, but, then, that shit is so pervasive among his generation that it’s inevitable — made me recoil in horror recalling i was younger than this kid when i was hunting out adult guys to have sex with. NOT A GOOD IDEA.

    any of you fellow jurassic-era folks think he looks like “fred” from the “wonder years” (or “wonder queers”)?

    hated the n-bomb word outro. not big. not clever. bitch, say sorry!

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    Sorry, but this kid annoys the shit out of me.

  • Riker

    To the commenters who say that the videos are child pornography: you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Child pornography is defined by Interpol as “any means of depicting or promoting sexual abuse of a child, including print and/or audio, centered on sex acts or the genital organs of children.”. While the dancing is obviously suggestive, it does not depict a sex act, and the buttocks are not a sexual organ. While he is much younger, the dancing itself is no more suggestive than Elvis was 60 years ago. The excessive pearl clutching is unnecessary.

    Kudos to him for being out and proud and liberated at such a young age. He won’t have to go through the years of struggling to understand his sexuality that I did.


    LOL… just fucking LOL. Look typical queerty poster makes a vider. Again lol, dis shit.

  • omfg


  • Truth

    This little asswipe did not say eggs and vinegar, he said AIDS and vinegar.

    Someone needs to school this little bitch, fast!

  • scottable

    @mattsy: LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM! :)

  • scottable

    And he said EGGS and vinegar.

  • 1equalityUSA

    So genetic

  • mynamesbrianna

    Really ? If y’all dont like him don’t comment . No need for the negative comments . This kid is awesome , And funny . Yall are over reacting ! This is what all the kids like . He gets alot of veiws and likes . Search twerking on YouTube That is how all the kids dance . So yall need to CHILL OUT .

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @mynamesbrianna: God you’re dumb.

  • mynamesbrianna

    @Making up stuff is fun!: in dumb really ? Y’ALl are the ones being rud e .

  • Sam Luigi

    Why is it that when gay men act like this, it’s called “self-expression” but when a woman does it, they’re called dumb bitches/sluts?

  • J Stratford

    you haters are making him more famous!

    gotta love the irony

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @J Stratford: It’d be ironic if the “haters” were trying to keep him from being (or cared at all whether he was or not) “famous.” As it is, it’s not irony, it’s just (a) people disliking him, and (b) you not knowing what irony is.

  • Paul T.

    While this kid has every right to Twerp in the privacy of his bedroom or with his girlfriends (or boyfriends hopefully), posting this online is very worrisome and not just because of sexual predators.
    He glossed over that he was “back in public school”, so there has obviously been issues at school and I’m guessing it has to do with his ‘fierceness”.
    We still live in a deeply homophobic society and I am reminded of poor Larry King from Southern California, not exactly thought to be queer shooting country, but that is what happened.
    I’m sure a kid this FABULOUS has a posse of popular girls who will protect him from the harm homophobic males will certainly want to inflict on him.
    But so did Larry King.
    I guess in the war on homophobia there are going to be casualties like any war.
    But the world is not Glee high school and confused adolescent boys are easily threatened by someone as ‘in your face’ as this amazing kid is.
    Let’s hope he is wiser than poor Larry King and doesn’t deliberately try to make straight kids uncomfortable with unwanted sexual advances which was poor Larry King’s misstep.
    He said his family is aware that he is ‘famous’
    Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to infamy.

  • Paul T.

    Just want to add one more thing.
    This kid looks to me to be in seventh or eighth grade which is middle school.
    Ninth grade is when you start high school.
    Eighth graders have a false sense of security being at the top of the food chain in their schools.
    Then they go to high school and are at the bottom of that food chain.
    I worry for this kid, especially in public school.

  • Richard Ford

    Lohanthony. Love him or hate him. Clearly a pole-arising figure.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @Richard Ford: You just crossed the line into disgusting. Please crawl into a hole and die.

  • Richard Ford

    Making up stuff… OK by me, if you let me choose the hole.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @Richard Ford: I think we all know whose hole you’d like to get into. So you’re right. Die first. We’ll choose the hole later.

  • Richard Ford

    OK by me, after I execute my plan with Lohanthony, which is to grab him and a stick of butter and head out to the tool shed on a rainy afternoon, with no plans to return before dark. (That’s after I fuck the daylights out of him.)

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @Richard Ford: Haha. Pedophilia humor. Isn’t child rape hilarious?

  • Richard Ford

    Yes, it sort of is. On second thought, forget the butter. Just give us a little cream and we can churn our own.

  • tristan75

    i think he acts too sexually for his age, that makes me feel really uncomfortable!

  • Rockery

    WOW all you bitter old queens!!

    Bullying a 13 year old?? If he kills himself don’t come here saying oh it’s so sad, etc

  • Riker

    @Richard Ford: Ugh, gross. Even if you’re joking, its incredibly inappropriate to make sexual comments about a prepubescent child.

  • Andrew

    Rockery-Nobody is bullying him. His video is shitty and he’s doing it all for negative attention.

  • Triple S

    Believe me, he’s probably shallow and bitchy at school. I’ve seen how people like this act and it’s one of the most unpleasant kind of people there are. It’s ALWAYS life at the party and anything else has to be EXACTLY as they need it or you’re just not worth there time and need to fuck off.

    Fun to watch, but I know that he’s almost definitely NOT the person to know personally. You’ll just get a shitload of elitism.

  • shawn kidwell

    this is our future? This, this is why so many where beaten, killed, faced extreme brutal situations, and survived, this is what is the future?

  • TJ Parker

    Hmm. On par with, say, Snooki? I guess there’s a market for that but, oh God, why?

  • Baba Booey

    Cute kid, but I fast forwarded the minute he girated his hips. That was weird. And, did he say “AIDS and vinegar” and “subscribe n-words?”

  • Ogre Magi

    He is a charming little imp!

  • FelixWood


  • T_Jervis

    I think if most people saw videos of 13 year old girls giving pornface and twerking on YouTube, they would (rightly) be outraged. Why does it suddenly become ’empowering’ and ‘fun’ when it’s a male child?

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @T_Jervis: Because the kid is flamboyantly gay, and if you suggest that a flamboyantly gay person (of any age, in whatever context, at any time whatsoever) might want to tone it down just a bit, you’re a self-loathing homophobe with daddy issues.

  • James

    bahahahahah this gives me life!! This boy is sooo gay, but hes entertaining. :-)

    I applaud his awesomeness. :-)

  • T_Jervis

    @Making up stuff is fun!:


    That people are applauding this is truly depressing. Overly precocious, sexualised kids – how absolutely darling!!!

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