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  • Mikel D McGrew

    Oddly enough, mine was never that small.

  • Perry Brass

    This is neither hilarious or even all that funny. It’s just a sharp elbow to the ribs of guys who really do have problems dealing with small endowment in a very size-crazy gay world, and a put down to kids. Get over it, guys. This is not funny.

  • tj

    @Perry Brass
    You taking offense to the video is funnier than the actual video…

  • JAW

    @Perry Brass:

    Sorry to hear that yours did not get bigger… perhaps try a pump

    It sounds like Evan has issues also… reading his comments when he made the original post seems that he likes making fun of himself.

  • Ben

    I thought it was funny.

  • Perry Brass

    The Manly Art of Seduction, How to Meet, Talk to, and Become Intimate with Anyone has a chapter on size and what it does to guys: small dick jokes are to gays what race jokes used to be to the South—so, maybe some people might want to understand that.

  • christopher_di_crapito

    I may stand alone on this but I thought it was funny.

  • James

    I was amused

  • Auntie Mame

    “Almost a vagina penis” – Now that right there is funny.

  • JayKay

    @Perry Brass:

    What he said.

    This nonsense is only seen as funny because it’s attacking boys. If the video were mocking adolescent girls who are insecure about their weight, the cries of insensitivity, misogyny, and fat shaming would never end.

  • TJ

    Lighten up and stop being sooooo serious, it was funny.

  • florencelover

    @Perry Brass: Agree. The gay world is beyond obsessed with size. And I never understood why, never in my life I was worried about my size or my partner’s. But it does have to do with the latest ideals of masculinity that have been served to us. Look at the Greek statues and you will see how a small penis looks, and somehow the models weren’t ashamed. Why? Because different standards were applied.

  • Duncan Osborne

    @ tj & JAW

    Perry Brass is one of the original members of the Gay Liberation Front and that group gave us the very first gay pride march in New York City in 1970. Mind you, they put on that event when New York’s sodomy law was still on the books and there were no laws barring discrimination against any part of our community. Suffice it to say, they took some serious risks. In 1971, Perry, Leonard Ebreo, and Mark Rabinowitz founded the Gay Men’s Health Project Clinic. That clinic is now called the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. Perry has continued to contribute to our community with his writing, organizing, and in many other ways since then.

    By all means disagree with Perry. I’m sure he doesn’t mind. But unless you have a record of contributions to our community that matches Perry’s, keep it respectful.

  • JAW

    @Duncan Osborne:
    My comments to perry were not to be offensive… I am close to him in age, so I understand how cruel people can be, just because of age. We all (or at least most of us) have issues with one or more parts of who we are. My age and weight are issues that I feel are mine. Yet others see both of them as something that makes me attractive to them. A few years ago, I mentioned to friends that I was going to color my grey hair back to my original color. I got no support from ANY of my friends, EVEN the ones that were 20+ years younger. This was even before Anderson Cooper, with his hair became a sex symbol.

    If we can’t laugh and feel comfortable in our own skin “It will NOT get better”. Many younger GLBT people want to take control of the word queer. I will never understand that, yet as long as they do not force it on me, I go with the flow. WE all have things that upset us… we need to chill and move on.

  • Steve

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion…here’s mine. For some people it does not get better or bigger. We (gay men) need to be more accepting of our own and quit being such judgmental pricks. We are so guilty of being biased against our own more than others are against us.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Sorta funny; sorta not funny.

    The audience is 13 year-olds, and the humor is sophomoric at best.

    The unfunny part is that bullying is real and this spoof belittles the real problems many 13 year-olds face everyday at school. It says that bullying is just another joke when it is not.

  • Kyle412

    Not funny.

  • mike128

    I agree with Perry Brass and the others here about the small dick “humor”. It’s tired and old. It’s hurtful and misleading. And it takes forever to get beyond the gay male (or maybe just male) rhetoric around big dick sexuality and to the realization that sex is about intimacy and emotional connection (which are unfortunately too often short-circuited by our insecurities).

    As gay men, we have the opportunity to question and refine the culture of male sexuality, or to magnify its problems. I often wish we would be nicer to ourselves and each other.

  • SoCal Writah

    I smirked once or twice, but otherwise didn’t find this funny. But then, I’m a picky be-ach because think most skits on SNL suck too. (MAD TV was much better, imo!) If an impressionable young kid with a small penis ends up seeing this video, how would it make him feel? Right… probably not so great.

  • xixax

    Lighten the fuck up. It’s a joke.

  • Andrew

    LMAO this is hilarious!

  • BlogShag

    I don’t understand how this is funny considering there are lot of men that really do have under average size penises. I’ve seen 2 and 3 inch dicks – NOT fun. And take a look at most gay asian porn — small pistol petes

  • jj

    Lot of guys with small dicks here in the comments apparently. Its a joke, not a very funny one but still a JOKE. Who cares if you have a small dick just do a bunch of squats and become a power bottom.

  • Pete


    Never use a pump. A small penis that gets hard is still extremely pleasurable. Pumping a cock destroys cardiovascular structures for getting erections. The cock pump is no good. Ask a urologist.

  • Meowzer

    Eh. Not funny but not a fail either. Just eh.

  • Bob

    Just more of the same…make fun of men. And, to have that bitch in the video adds to the insult! I am so tired of the so call funny videos of men getting hit, kicked, punched…etc. in the balls, and making fun of men who are under-endowed. Men (straight and gay), it is time we took some control again and stopped being such pussies!

  • Eric in Chicago

    @Mikel D McGrew: Hello there. My name is Eric

  • FYI

    @florencelover: You’re right. Most Greek and Roman male nude sculptures (as well as Renaissance sculpture and paintings) had small penises on their male subjects. The Greeks thought that a large penis, especially in art, was a symbol of barbarianism and lack of sophistication that would distract from the aesthetics of the art work. Although, sometimes they would make jest of a large phallus depicted on Satyrs (half goat men) to emphasis how ridiculous they looked.

    Of course, they were into teenage boys also, so maybe that had something to do with it too. Who knows? Maybe clitoral-sized dobbers were less “threatening” to the older bisexual “tops” in the ancient world.

    …Whatever. Anything over a mouthful is a waste anyway.

  • hf2hvit

    @Perry Brass: You think women aren’t concerned about size? THe ones who like sex do!

  • Kostas

    Using one of those pumps is a good way to do permanent damage to the tiny blood vessels in your cock that are necessary for a good erection.

  • Tackle

    First off, thank you Parry Brass and the others for helping the lives of GLBT people to be easier.
    And about the video,
    I did not find this funny. At all!. So for me, it’s an epic fail.

  • Guillermo3

    @Tackle: Well,Tackie,I hope your tag doesn’t describe your personality,and as several others have commented to the humor-impaired here:Please Lighten UP.
    While it’s always risky to make assumptions,I’ll take the risk:I assume you HAVE HEARD of the “It Gets Better” project?

  • belladeball

    Actually, there were homosexual subcultures in the ancient world that very much appreciated large penises. They were less than popular in polite society because they enjoyed being penetrated (The Galli, for example). Since the ancient world (especially Rome) was misogynistic (to say they least), it was much more acceptable to penetrate a teenage boy, before he became a man.

    Anyway, I always used to think I was a size queen. Until I started bottoming relatively often. :) Now I’m happy with average. And if a boy has less than average, there are lots of ways to be intimate!

  • prettygirls

    LOL.. “Man-Clits”.

  • ed

    oh my , what a bunch of humourless grim comments that sound like they could have been made by the Puritans in a modern context – Cotton Mather would be proud of you. I guess even slipping on a banana skin is a crime against bananas and would mean a fine for littering and a possible health and safety prosecution. Would really be interested to know what some of you guys do find funny as it sounds like it’s precisely….. nothing …

  • belladeball

    @ed: i mean, this just wasn’t an especially humorous video…just because a person doesn’t find a CERTAIN thing funny doesn’t mean they find nothing funny. obviously.

  • Guillermo3

    @belladeball: Obviously,belladeball! Who couldn’t find your comments Ridiculous….er :Funny?!

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