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Watch: It Only Took Blackmail To Get 90210‘s Teddy To Come Out

After an extended hiatus from 90210‘s plotline, and returning with a big gay kiss, Trevor Donovan’s Teddy basically owned the show last night. By coming out! (Spoilers ahead and such.)

[flv: 650 400]

Gay skiing in Telluride was “one of the best weeks of my life,” Teddy tells Ian when they’re back at school. Aww! But then Ian presses Teddy to just come out already, and he’s not down with that. But somebody definitely wants him to come out: Teddy finds a note taped to his locker with an incriminating photo, with a threat that the whole school is going to find out he’s a big homo unless he pays $50k. So what does Teddy do?

Find solace with ex-girlfriend Silver, who’s already figured it out for herself. Good chat you guyz.

And then he comes out!

Except, uh, who was it that left the note in his locker? Oh, just a fella named Ian. SCANDAL! And: break up. (Says Donovan of the forced outing: “In some ways, Teddy puts his foot back in the closet. It’s after the fact that he comes out to all of his friends, and now he’s regretting it. … It’s kind of a player-being-played moment.”)

And: scene.

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  • Carl

    Now that was a pretty good storyline.

  • Austin

    I thought the whole thing was great, until it turned out
    his boyfriend was the blackmailer, and they broke up.
    How convienient for the writers and the network.
    Teddy’s now “out” er..”in”..”out”..”in”..and they can keep
    him hanging there angst ridden indefinitly.
    This way they don’t have the problem of how to
    write a script showing a real positive ongoing gay romance
    which would piss off the right wing parents of their
    mostly younger audience.

    On another subplot…is there anyone that did not see coming
    the “evil guru” storyline? That was so obvious.

    Ivy’s headed for drug rehab, Naomi is headed to court,
    Silver & Navid’s secret romance will become tedious soon.
    What happened to Navid’s dad is a porn king plotline – dropped

    This show will launch most of these characters into major
    careers, not so much because of the script or acting,
    but the actors are so darn airbrushed cute,and likeable..
    even though the parts they play are vapid.
    It’s the “Ken and Barbie Show”…look how many Barbie sold.
    This show plays right into teens fantasies of what their
    life might be like to be young,rich, gorgeous…much like
    the “Beach Blanket Bingo” movies did 30 years earlier.

  • Viral

    I totally called Ian as the blackmailer, it made sense in a tough-love-stop-being-a-pussy sort of way; although unlike Silver who Teddy explained his insecurities about being gay to, Ian jumped the gun by forcing the outing without understanding why Teddy was so vehement about staying in the closet.

    Granted they live in SoCal so you would think being gay wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but from Teddy’s POV from being the son of a famous(misogynist no less) actor to being a former potentially pro athlete, one could understand his hesitation considering how quick people can turn on someone in very superficial cultures

  • kayla

    @Austin: Umm…Beach Blanket Bingo…? You must be packing some serious years there, not that there’s anything wrong with that….Anyhooo, they’re suppose to bring in some new hottie for Teddy…so we’ll just have to see where that goes….I will definitely miss Ian….

  • Nick

    @Austin: You couldn’t be more wrong. Maybe you should keep watching the show or read some spoilers first before you assume to know what will happen.

    It’s common knowledge by most fans of the show in general and fans of the character that your prediction won’t take place.

  • Mike


    Mellow out, dude. Just because Ian is gone does not make this some sort of right wing, conservative conspirary. They’re brining in a couple of new dudes for Teddy, so this is a good chance to extend his storyline beyond coming out. Besides, this is 90201…who on this show has a “good” relationship?

  • Mike

    ^That should read 90210, obviously.

    On another note, I think the show did an excellent job of handling his coming out. And of course Naomi stole the scene with “no wonder I never slept with him.” Always hilarious!

  • kayla

    @Mike: I agree that the show did an Okay job with his coming out…It would have been really weird to see Beverly Hills kids going psycho over a gay classmate…Since if we look at past real life Bev High students, they’re all a bunch of whores and druggies (Charlie Sheen, Monica Lewinsky etc.)…..This ain’t Biloxi High!!

  • Ken Collins

    Not realistic. Blackmail is not a prank, it is a federal offense. Teddy, not knowing Ian did it, could have gone to the police, alleging that the photo was staged. Ian could have gone to prison. No one can “drop the charges” if the crime is a felony, as this one is. The writers didn’t think this story out. High schoolers: disregard this episode. Don’t use blackmail to manipulate a friend, even to do something in their best interest.

  • Michael

    The reason why they did the storyline like this is that the actor playing Ian wanted out of the series so they had to write him off. Seems like a good way of doing it…

    And from the spoilers, it seems we will be getting a storyline for Teddy that could come right out of a very very bad fan fiction…. (the show is still incredibly dull and bad imo… ;)

  • Matthew

    $50K? Fuck that noise.

  • Jake the libertarian

    How old are these people supposed to be? I think they are in their mid 30’s?

  • Ken S

    Thus endeth the Teddy’s-gay storyline then, I suppose? :-/ sucks, I was hoping to see him in the middle of some boy-on-boy beyond grandmother kisses.

  • Ross

    @Ken Collins: You’re looking at 90210 for realism??? It’s a soap opera. And just because all of that legal fallout could have happened, that doesn’t mean a high school kid (Ian) would think of any of that. And if you’re going to warn high school kids not to do something they’ve seen on 90210, you might want to add: Don’t cheat on with your best friend’s boyfriend, don’t join a cult, don’t give away your money without doing some research on who you’re giving it to, and don’t trust weird cousins who are clearly trying to Single White Female you. And that’s just in this episode.

    I loved the whole Teddy storyline. His scene with Silver made me cry. Good stuff.

  • Jean

    love trevor donovan he did this so well

  • Nick

    @Ken S: Wrong.

    They’re bringing on more guys just for him. Why freak out after one episode without knowing any of the facts?

    Do you even watch the show or just the gay storyline?

    They treat Teddy just as fairly as they treat any of the other characters. The second season Annie was barely seen just off the top of my head.

    All characters can’t be the central focus all the time. Teddy gets decent air time and it’s probably going to pick up even more when his new man arrives.

  • Austin

    @Jake ”
    How old are these people supposed to be? I think they are in their mid 30’s?”

    A bit of Film History –
    One of the most profitable film companies ever was
    American International – which devised a formula for making very
    profitable low budget films–> Create a script describing the
    fantasy life of a 16 year old envisioning what it will be like to
    be 20 years old, and then have it acted out by very good looking 25 year olds. This formula has been replayed on lots of tv
    “dramas” aimed at the teen audience with great success.

  • Jake the libertarian

    @Austin: Ha! Thanks for the insight. I’ve certainly noticed it before, but this just seems a bit excessive. These people are my age, and I graduated from HS when the original 90210 was popular.

  • Kirsten

    in all seriousness, how predictable was this? sad cuz they’re so freaking cute and good together! but still…

  • rdw

    @Ken Collins:

    Yeah, the blackmail thing didn’t fit this storyline (too soapy). It would have been more realistic if Ian and Ted had an argument right there in the hallway in front of some of their classmates, Ian gets angry and yells out something about their relationship, like Ted being ashame of who he is (gay) and everyone turns around in shock. That I could had bought, but this blackmail? That’s Dynasty, Dallas, Melrose Place BS.

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