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Watch: It Only Took Blackmail To Get 90210‘s Teddy To Come Out

After an extended hiatus from 90210‘s plotline, and returning with a big gay kiss, Trevor Donovan’s Teddy basically owned the show last night. By coming out! (Spoilers ahead and such.)

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Gay skiing in Telluride was “one of the best weeks of my life,” Teddy tells Ian when they’re back at school. Aww! But then Ian presses Teddy to just come out already, and he’s not down with that. But somebody definitely wants him to come out: Teddy finds a note taped to his locker with an incriminating photo, with a threat that the whole school is going to find out he’s a big homo unless he pays $50k. So what does Teddy do?

Find solace with ex-girlfriend Silver, who’s already figured it out for herself. Good chat you guyz.

And then he comes out!

Except, uh, who was it that left the note in his locker? Oh, just a fella named Ian. SCANDAL! And: break up. (Says Donovan of the forced outing: “In some ways, Teddy puts his foot back in the closet. It’s after the fact that he comes out to all of his friends, and now he’s regretting it. … It’s kind of a player-being-played moment.”)

And: scene.