WATCH: It’s 1998 In Hailey Rowe’s World. Watch “My Boyfriend Is Gay”

Singer Hailey Rowe (we haven’t heard of her either) has just released a new single, “My Boyfriend Is Gay,” in which she discovers—horror of horrors—that her beloved is actually a pole smoker of some repute.

Rowe’s voice isn’t terrible, and the music has a Rebecca Black-style inoffensiveness to it, but we really have to ask if Rowe is up to date on the sexual zeitgeist of 2013.

Nowadays, if a young citified woman’s man likes other men, she probably knows—and likes to watch. She’s certainly not tipped off because  “His favorite color was turquoise and he always drank chocolatinis through a straw.”

Even Sex and the City was a little more sophisticated than that.

Here are some other cringe-worthy lyrics:

Maybe it was his Cher playlist
Or his craving to be A-list
Or how he knew the words to every Britney song (oh baby, baby)

Perhaps it was that poodle
Or those cheese-filled strudels
He used to dip into his Frappuccino grande

A Frappuccino? Do you know how many fat grams are in those things? No gay man, down-low or otherwise would order one.

Rowe’s overall view seems to be, “My guy did something other than swill beer and give me three minutes of missionary—I think he’s a fag!”

Let’s add this song to the list of things straight people should never say.

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  • RAC1

    This girl reminds me of the straight girl visiting NYC from the midwest who comes to a gay bar for a “crazy night:” she’s loud, offensive, and not as cute as she thinks she is.

    Video is possibly worth it, just to see the boys dominate the gays VS girls dance sequence.

  • Modernliving3

    The last scene with boyfriends on sofa makes it less patronizing but the song itself is kinda homophobic.
    It’s a very dated (Will & Grace era) theme.

  • Bee Gaga

    @Modernliving3: How is it homophobic?

  • syam1812

    It’s a sweet sugary pop song and you can’t really expect it to move outside of the stereotypical realm. I think that for what it is, you can’t really fault it for being slightly patronizing. Almost every Pop song makes sweeping generalizations towards someone. However in terms of ” Gay guy dating a girl who should be able to tell by certain stereotypes,” she isn’t that far off from half of my exes in high school.

  • Connor

    Oi! I love me a good Frappuccino!

  • oobles

    Get OVER yourselves! It’s a pop song telling a slight but amusing story about these two fictional characters. It’s not defining gayness, for goodness sake. Homophobic???? Just LISTEN to yourselves. The joke is clearly on her anyway! Go to Russia if you want to experience some homophobia to complain about!! I note that Queerty is not blanching at using cclichéd (and some may say oppressive) images and ads for Stols Guy finalists… so just stop it this instance and enjoy this song for what it is!!

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