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  • charlie_jackpot

    This was 5 years ago, but never fails to please

  • speedbrds

    Not to be rude, but WTH is Tersco? There is no such retailer in the UK as Tersco. Tesco, yes.

  • Brian

    Spice Girls are a big yawn. British no-talent hacks – the worst of Britain.

  • n900mixalot

    @Brian: Oh quit your boohooing and piss on someone else’s doorstep. You don’t like them, ignore them but don’t try to kill everyone else’s fun.

    The ad is funny and cute. It’s also well done and they all look great. Just because it isn’t some boring old gay Messiah, doesn’t mean we can’t eek some joy out of their fun little ad.

    Go find some friends and get some joy in your life.

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