WATCH: It’s Been A Two-Year Losing Streak for NOM, Anti-Gay Groups

Anti-gay groups like NOM say that their big losses this election aren’t a sign of changing public opinion. Yeah, sure.

What they’re hoping nobody will notice is that it’s been over two years since they’ve held majority support in any major national survey. This week’s Marriage News Watch is all about the long losing streak that NOM’s been on since 2010. Plus: what to expect from the Supreme Court, now that they finally have a definite date for deciding whether to take the Prop 8 case (for real this time).

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  • Dakotahgeo

    The anti-GLBT, pro-hate groups are way past their shelf life expiration date. Like the Repug/TPods, they refuse to look at demographics that have changed faster than these silly groups change underwear… if they even wear underwear! Time to cheer the end of their short-lived era of non-influence!

  • 2eo

    @Dakotahgeo: However a word of warning, temper the gloating. An animal backed into a corner is still ferocious, they are losing and they are losing badly but they have some massive wins in them yet.

    We need to keep our collective guard up, and keep inflicting massive losses, they can’t survive forever, but their death throes will be fierce and not in a fun way.

    Look for a massive upswing in anti gay violence over the next 18 months.

  • Cam

    Keep your eye on the national politicians, NOM may decide to stop funding anti-gay ballots and look to bribe some national politicians to block any votes on DOMA or ENDA

  • hyhybt

    Why should they acknowledge two years of legitimate polling when they can simply continue cooking up their own surveys showing more favorable results?

  • Mooz

    @2eo: You’re right. But previously the haters acted like a single animal, now (especially after Obama’s reelection) people found out they are more like a school of fish. Some are clinging on, claiming to represent the majority, but people have seen they are pathetic individuals. The commercials they aired were so over the top, that people started to realize that their claims could not be true.

    Toto needs to find that curtain, open it, and expose that pitiful wizard. No one, not even the wizard himself, will be scared after that.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @2eo: Consider my gloating in check, ;-) You are correct, of course. NOM, et all, are not going to give up that easily! Cheers!

  • FStratford

    Yup. Let’s keep the focus. More votes for marriage in 2 years (courts, legislature or ballot box): IL, NJ, CA, RI and OR are ripe for the picking. that’s 2 years from now.

    Four years from now: MN, WI, FL, NC, and MI.

    We’ll have a majority of the population on our side before Obama leaves office – if we stay smart and b strategic.

    (I’m very optimistic)

  • FStratford

    CO HI also in 2 years

    NV, AZ, OH, VA in 6

    And here’s my bold prediction: TX in 8 years!

  • tdx3fan

    The USSC currently leans to the right, and it could be very possible for them to uphold DOMA and to rule that marriage is a federal right and not a state right. That would remove every single state where gay marriage is currently legal. You never know what you will get from the USSC and they have a history of making bad decisions that take 50+ years to reverse (Plesley v Furgeson; Brown vs BOE).

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