WATCH: It’s The End Of The World, At Least On “EastSiders”


Anticipating the end of the world today, the queer web series EastSiders wanted to go out with a bang: In this episode, Cal (Kit Williamson) is pissed at Thom (Van Hansis) for writing a short story based on their their relationship, while Kathy (Constance Wu) pushes her boyfriend, Ian (John Halbach), to define their relationship. BearCity‘s Stephen Guarino guest stars as an party planner throwing a final bash before Armageddon.

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One Comment

  • pscheck2

    it shows promise. however, it overemphasiises the ‘queen’ thing that makes being gay sterotypical to the str8 world! I’ve been around a long time, and I know that not all (or (or most) bar scenes, or other gay gathering holes, are ensconced with flamboyant ‘queens!’I think it is important that a more masculine image should be emphasised( as portrayed in that series: IN BETWEEN MEN!) But then the scripts will have to be written by someone who writes the script for IN BETWEEN MEN. Just say’en.

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