WATCH: James Franco Is A Big Gay Tease In “This Is The End”

Directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, the upcoming action flick This is the End sees James Franco hosting a party where he, Rogen, Jonah Hill and others must suddenly figure out how to survive a post-apocalyptic L.A..

Not wanting to fall behind on his cocktease quotient, Franco snuggles with Rogen in a bomb shelter in the trailer’s intro. In an actual scene from the movie, Danny McBride refuses to believe the world has ended: “James Franco didn’t suck any dick last night? Now I know y’all are trippin’.”

It’s all a bit of Hollywood self-mockery, with Franco, Rogen and the rest playing themselves and other boldfaced names—including Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, Paul Rudd and —making appearances in this film.

Which prompts us to speculate that either The is the End will be truly epic or it’ll have us wishing the Mayans got it right.

poster this is the end

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