WATCH: James Franco Takes A Fist…

To the face, people. Sheesh! Actor writer director provocateur cock tease multihyphenate entertainer James Franco will once again prove what a good sport he is as the subject of an upcoming episode of Comedy Central Roast.

Although no guests have yet been announced we can, naturally, expect lots of gay jokes at Franco’s expense. The special will premiere on Labor Day.

Watch the actor get punched in the face in the promo below and, come on witty Queerty readers, we challenge you to share your best Franco wisecrack in the comments section.

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  • MikeE

    Sorry, I’m totally over Franco. He just been trying too hard to be gay. The whole perpetual “tease” routine is getting incredibly boring. Mr Franco, I’m sorry, but you aren’t THAT hot.

    Fine if others find him attractive. His whole “pretend to be gay” thing just gets on my last nerve.

  • Nick

    Noooooo! Don’t get me wrong, I love James Franco, and I LOVE Comedy Central’s Roasts… but the two together? No way! They’ve roasted legends like Joan Rivers, William Shatner, Roseanne Barr – people who have worked long and hard to get where they are, and to deserve the respect they’ve gotten. This one seems like it can wait 10 or 20 years… I mean, we’ve yet to see the greatest from this man yet, yes?

  • stfallon1028

    I can’t wait

  • nevereclipsed81

    we already knew he takes a fist.. old news. he should switch careers with his hotter brother.

  • james_in_cambridge

    Isn’t he way too big a star to do a Comedy Central roast? It’s always z-listers & celebs whose careers are pretty much over who agree to be roasted…

  • Tackle

    I to agree that the (perpetual tease routine)is getting boring and old. And he seems that he gets a big kick out of gay men lusting and fantasizing about him. I can picture him in a locker room, ass naked, towel by his side. Taking the “slowest” walk to the showers, with a smile on his face…

  • mramseymd

    James Franco announces that he will be starring in a trilogy that he has been writing for some time. “My body of work these last years has all been to prepare me for telling this important story”. The first movie, due out in theatres this November, is titled “Close”. it tells the story of two men who meet, have a beautiful romantic courtship, and fall deeply in love. At the end of the movie the characters swallow each other’s semen. Franco will, in real life, swallow his castmate’s semen “because it’s so critical to the plot of the trilogy”. He has also announced that he will insist the actor playing his lover will be a gay man in real life. The series takes a dark turn in the second movie, “Closer” when we realize this “ingestion” is just the first step in this couple’s need to literally be part of one another. They begin to cannabilize one another. James Franco will again stay true to character, and will in real life eat his fellow actor’s penis at the end of the second movie. All seems lost at the beginning of movie 3, “Completion”, until they find a scientist who is able to fuse their DNA and make them one being. At the end of the trilogy their union is complete. Again Franco states he will be true to character, and the happy resolution that we see on screen, in the form of one man created from two, will be realized in real life as Franco becomes a gay man, forever merging the straight actor and the multitude of his gay roles.

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