WATCH: James Marsden And Jack Black Guess Celeb Packages With Andy Cohen


Andy Cohen is really running a tight ship over at Bravo. Where else can you get grown women slapping the hell out of each other while balancing a cocktail and a $300 $3000 wig? Or two actors looking at the crotches of strangers for shticks and giggles?

Jack Black and James Marsden star in “steamy” bromantic comedy, The D Train, so Cohen invited them on to Watch What Happens Live! to test their knowledge of not only each other’s bulges, but the baskets of other celebs as well.

Because this is the age we live in — when straight men are totally comfortable gaying out with each other. It’s called freedom.

That Jack Black, though, is sure wang-glorious — he thinks every picture is of his private dancer: from Richard Simmons to Mickey Rourke. Some might call him…cocky.

Check out Black and Marsden play School of Cock! (you know, ’cause Black starred in School of Rock — puns!) below:

Les Fabian Brathwaite — FBI, Federal Bulge Inspector