WATCH: Jane Fonda Recalls Fighting For Equality Next To Harvey Milk

FondaMilkHow did we not know this already? Of course, Jane Fonda and Harvey Milk, two of the most dedicated activists and iconic personalities of the 1970s, were not only friends but mutual admirers.

During an onstage interview with Miss Coco Peru at L.A.’s Gay & Lesbian Center‘s Renberg Theatre April 20, Fonda discussed her illustrious career before a mostly LGBT audience. After she gave a big shout-out to her pal, Nine to Five costar Lily Tomlin and Tomlin’s longtime partner Jane Wagner for getting her involved with the Center, Fonda then shared memories of working alongside Milk on the Briggs Initiative, which banned gays and lesbians and basically anyone who supported them from working in California’s public schools.

Fonda said the two were friends and when he asked for her help, she agreed to go to San Francisco to fight the discriminatory initiative, which was defeated in November 1978.

“He was the most wonderful, lovable, huge, generous heart and spirit,” Fonda recalled. “He was a big lug.”

The two-time Academy Award-winning actress also commended fellow double Oscar-winner Sean Penn for his convincing portrayal in the 2008 film bio.

In addition, the longtime LGBT ally has donated a rare photo of herself arm-in-arm with Milk (shown above). It was taken at by photographer Roger Ressmeyer at a political rally opposing the Briggs Initiative in 1978 and is currently being auctioned with the proceeds going to the non-profit Center. The auction is now open on CharityBuzz through May 22 (that’s Harvey Milk Day, mind you). Fonda has graciously offered to autograph it personally to the winning bidder.

Ressmeyer shared his memory of snapping the photo of the two at the rally.

“As a young photographer working for Time/Life magazines, it was awe-inspiring to meet with Jane Fonda and take this and other photos at one of her appearances to help make the world a better place,” he said. “I was friends with Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk, and simply thrilled to capture this rare moment on film.”

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  • tchuy03

    Queerty should be ashamed to even talk about Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda is a traitor and should be charged with treason for her trip to Vietnam. She has blood on her hands and should not be glorified by the GLBT or any other community.

  • Merv

    I thought she became a Christian a few years ago. What is she doing at a gay & lesbian center?

  • lab

    @tchuy03: oops…did I accidentally sign in to brietbart or fox…people like you still going on about jane fonda from 45 years ago need mental health…ND MERV…all christians are not totally insane (although most are)

  • Homophile

    The stupidity is strong in this thread.

  • Lefty

    Jane Fonda rocks.

  • Gordon

    tchuy03 is Absolutely correct! My partner of 34 years flew mamy missions over Hanoi and if she is mentioned anywhere within his hearing, he gets physically ill. She is a POS and deserves nothing.

  • jerry_pritikin

    During that time, I was able to get Fonda to wear one of my ANITA BRYANT’S HUSBAND IS A HOMO SAPIEN!T-SHIRT and the story made the Associated Press.

  • jerry_pritikin

    @Gordon: She was and is a great American Patriot. Vietnam was an unjust war. Dropping bombs on Innocent civilians is not a great attribute. If it was not for Fonda and other Americans putting pressure on Nixon,that war would still be on.

  • Truth Addict

    @tchuy03: Gotta agree with you, tchuy03. You can protest a war without aiding the enemy. I didn’t see George Clooney shaking Saddam’s hand.

  • Polaro

    Jane Fonda is seriously misunderstood. She is not perfect, but she is heroic. She stood up to the Vietnam war when it was not popular and she was right. We should have learned from Vietnam about getting into stupid wars that are irrelevant to the US. We did not (Iraq…). Should she have gone to North Vietnam? No. Back to the not perfect part.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Fonda strikes me as a “seeker” that has yet to find her way. Didn’t she (very sincerely) apologize for that Hanoi incident?

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