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  • Alan brickman

    Very sweet! Watch all the gay separtists who complain about bullying in school tear him apart though!!

  • Alan brickman

    Sexy Underwear Models have feelings too!!!

  • Joseph

    Funny how he wakes up and his hair is perfectly in place, how does he do that?

  • Zach

    @Joseph: LOL, that was the first thing I noticed too.

  • Brian

    The perfect day.

  • samy

    he’s adorable

  • Stark

    Whose perspective is this from? I can only assume that it is supposed to be from the perspective of some straight guy who lives with him. Why else would he cut the camera away every time the guy to show off his goods? All I can imagine now are the arguments they get into….

    Model: Why don’t you find me attractive anymore?

    Cameraman: I do!

    Model: Then why do you always look away when I get naked?

    Cameraman: I don’t do that!

    Model: Yes you do! *sob* I’m going to stay at my mother’s!

  • kawneekwa

    Wish my hair looked dat good when I gets up at the crack of 10:30AM. Mmmm hmmm…. I no dat!

  • flowerchild

    this video is so adorable. the creative team at Andrew Christian continues to impress me

  • DouggSeven

    I’m the only one creeped out by this? Maybe my view of the world is too jaded – but I got out of the video that the Latino is a hustler and the white guy touching him is a wealthy 40+ year old business professional who bought the kid for the weekend.

  • Spike

    Ah, how nice to know that he too wakes up with perfect hair, no gook in his eyes and fresh breath, just like all of us! But unlike the rest of us, his ass is probably clean and lubed as well . . .

  • Stark

    @DouggSeven: Your immediate assumption (as far out there as it is) does, indeed, say a lot about your world view. I don’t think ‘jaded’ is the right word is though.

  • DouggSeven

    @Stark: I don’t think I’m that ‘far out there’. Have you ever seen Star Maps? It’s fiction anyhow with no dialogue so everyone’s interpretation is wrong.

  • peace

    I love this. It is so sweet and romantic

  • Larry

    @Stark: maybe you need a boyfriend who is not made of latex so you can have a real conversation

  • Stark

    @Larry: I wonder how my response to DouggSeven’s (the original) post indicates that my boyfriend is made of latex. I don’t have a boyfriend, my partner of four years and I are monogamous.

    @DouggSeven [Different person #1 using similar name]:I disagree with your assessment of fiction. Fiction, as I teach it anyway, is always open to interpretation and unless something within the work itself contradictions one’s interpretation, everyone’s interpretation is almost always right. That is the beauty of fiction. I have not seen Star Maps, but by asking me, you bring up a good point. One’s particular interpretation of a work is always heavily influenced by everything they have seen/read/heard/etc, especially if that prior work had a particularly emotional impact. For you it was the movie Star Maps. As for the original DouggSeven, it may have been a movie (perhaps even the same movie), or something from real life that makes his particular viewing unique. And it is unique, seeing as most people will not see this as a hustler/john scenario, they will (as the director/cameraman intended) naturally put themselves in the position of the POV. I don’t feel that ‘jaded’ is the word that I would use to describe his interpretation (or his world view, by proxy), as I don’t see anything particularly jadeworthy about the scenario he proposed. If one is lonely and affluent enough, he is well within his right (and I speak here of moral rights, not legal, so as to not to get off topic) to pay another gentleman to spend the weekend with him. And if it is the payees chosen (for whatever reason) profession to hire himself out for such weekends. Given that the scenario is as pleasant as this appears to be, it seems to me that this would constitute a good business venture for both parties involved.

  • DouggSeven

    I am the same guy on both posts – I think because I made one on my Iphone and one on my PC, it seperated me. Odd though, since I used the same name and email on both posts.
    Star Maps is a tale of a young latin hustler that I don’t remember that well, but the scenereo above heavily reminded me of it. The trailer is on youtube but is vague and heterosexualized (is that a word? It should be) as to the content I remember in the film.

  • DouggSeven

    @Stark: Oh, and I think Larry was talking about your first post in this thread. It puzzled me as well.

  • DouggSeven

    @DouggSeven: I just read the last part of your post again. I have to disagree with your view of prostitution. We could spend all day arguing about the similarities between what a partner’s role is in a relationship and that of an escort, but we’d be getting way off topic. I view it as morally damaging on both parties. Most escorts that get out of the industry have a large amount of regret that they did it as a means of survival…and for good reason. I view Johns as digusting human beings. What they do to the psyche of much younger individuals is downright criminal and in most cases, irreversible. There’s a reason why most prostitutes turn to drugs, alcohol, and other criminal acts.

  • DouggSeven

    @DouggSeven: @Stark: I blame Queerty for not allowing us to edit our posts, like on most other sites.

  • poof

    what in the hell are you guys talking about? lol
    the video is sweet and cute and you guys are talking about some crazy stuff

  • Zach

    @DouggSeven: that not a 40 yo hand or arm that was rubbing lotion on him by the pool.

  • mattrdesign

    I felt my IQ drop after watching that. I was hoping it would have some sort of message other than simply being a meat parade.

  • rob

    Why can’t you all just relax and enjoy the beauty?

  • mattrdesign

    Aesthetic enjoyment is diminished when it is divorced from substance. “Oh!, another hot guy smiling for the camera. ¡Ay Dios mio!”

    Yeah those kind of things come a dime a dozen. Now, if that same guy was showcasing a unique talent or commenting (in any form) on a topic of interest or importance, then I may actually care. But as it stands, the video is nothing more than a monument to the model’s vanity and filmmaker’s libido.

  • Gaytor

    Can we all just say “aww” and leave the meta-analysis to the gender studies classes?

  • Elmwood Mac

    Geez, a lot different from my place. First thing in the morning we throw back the sheets to air all the farts out. Probably too much info.?

  • Sandym70

    Am I the only one who watched this vid & wanted to puke? Big deal, so he’s cute – so are puppies and at least you don’t have to pay them to stay with you!

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