WATCH: Jason Momoa backstage naked at ‘SNL’, strips to RuPaul track

Jason Momoa strips on a SNL sketch

Drag Race fan has infiltrated the Saturday Night Live writer’s room, and this time, Aquaman’s Jason Momoa is stripping to RuPaul’s “Freaky Money.”

Ever since Chris Pine slipped into an auto mechanic’s jumpsuit to lip sync for his lifeDrag Race references have popped up on the long-running sketch show, in big ways and small.

Using “Freaky Money”, which features Big Freedia, is just one more subtle way SNL has managed to draw from Ru’s extensive catalog.

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But there’s absolutely nothing subtle about the skit itself, titled “An Extra Christmas Carol”, which finds Momoa playing a stripping Christmas spirit who’s “extra.”

How extra is it, you’re surely asking?

Watch below and find out:

Moama was hosting to promote Aquaman, which arrives in theaters December 21.

He teased the gig on Instagram by stepping out of the shower and touring NBC studios: