WATCH: The Four 2012 Reunite Jeffery And Cole For A Marriage Equality Casserole

Jeffery Self and Cole Escola, the comedic duo behind Logo’s Jeffery and Cole Casserole reunited to support The Four 2012 and its campaign for marriage equality in the key battleground states of Maine, Minnesota, Washington and Maryland.

There was only one hitch: Jeffery was in Los Angeles while Cole was in New York. But it being the future and all, Jeffery simply rang Cole’s hilariously outdated bell.

“It’s such an exciting time to have this very big conversation about marriage equality,” Self and Escobar said.  “One can only hope that generations from now, kids will look at us like we’re weirder than Christine Baranski’s musical number in Mamma Mia when we try to tell them that once upon a time gay people weren’t allowed to get married.”

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