Cabin Fever

WATCH: Jimmy Fowlie and Brian Jordan Alvarez post hilarious stir-crazy videos

It must be getting to everyone…

Comedian Jimmy Fowlie and actor Brian Jordan Alvarez both just released new made-at-home YouTube videos that somehow wound up making us concerned for our own sanity, not theirs. No doubt the COVID-19 lockdown–particularly during the current Los Angeles heatwave–has started to take a toll.

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Fowlie shot a tutorial of sorts showing himself trying out a quarantine haircut. Things don’t exactly go well with his new ‘do. After layering, he looks more like a 16th-century heretic about to be burned at the stake.

Alvarez, on the other hand, discovered a new character: “The first waitress you worked with in the south.”

In his video, the Will & Grace actor rants about how “she” tried being a lesbian for six months, how one of her boyfriends got shot, and more practically, how to roll silverware in napkins.

We’re pretty sure we’ve met her somewhere…

Note to Brian & Jimmy: we love you. Maybe we should take a walk?