WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s Homophobic Back-To-School Prank

It’s back-to-school time and parents are thrilled to get their kids out of the house and into the classroom where they belong. Some parents were perhaps a little too enthused, though, when they uploaded videos for Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube challenge, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Got My Kid a Horrible Back-to-School Outfit.”

Among the sequined tutus—which we find incredibly appropriate for school— burlap sacks and assorted fine threads was an “I’m So Gay I Shit Rainbows” T-shirt that debuted to the audience’s surprise and delight.

Ironically, the “shit” part of the slogan was blurred out for TV—too offensive, we guess! So what do you say about this “prank” Funny? Offensive? Just plain stupid?


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  • Tone

    Kimmel is overrated and rarely laugh-out-loud funny. Any less funny and he’d be Jay Leno.

    Having said that the piece is sophomoric and in poor taste, but isn’t that the stock in trade of late night television?

  • dvlaries

    Oh for the day of Pryor, Carlin & Tomlin in their prime, when comedy could be both side-splittingly funny and throat-lumping poignant. How lazy we’ve become, what puny talents we now reward.

  • Aidan8

    Kimmell…. meh. “shit rainbows” shirt… lame.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Not that I haven’t made this point about [homophobic] pop culture icons for about 3 years now. “It’s a joke” “Oh they’re not really homophobic”. sigh.

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