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Watch: Jinkx Monsoon Outshines Anne Hathaway On “I Dreamed A Dream”

Over the weekend at New York’s Gramercy Theatre, “The Battle of the Seasons” showcased six queens of the from the past five seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race in a stunning live show. Queerty’s Chris Kelly, who was in the audience, had this to say about Jinkx Monsoon’s performance:

The unquestionable champion of the night, however, was Jinkx Monsoon. For her first showstopper, Jinkx staunchly marched out in Little Edie drag and delivered a brief, perfect monologue from Grey Gardens that segued into a breathtaking live rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream.”

This was not a recording, squirrelfriends: she belted every last note in what I’m pretty sure is the original key. (Somewhere, Anne Hathaway just got her first gray hair.)

And boy was he right. Those not in the audience sure missed out on Monsoon’s talents. Here’s hoping she lands a live residency sometime soon.