WATCH: Jon Stewart Reams Republicans For Their Evolving Stance On Gay Marriage

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart reamed Republicans for changing their tune on marriage equality, mere hours after President Obama came out in support of it.

Running clips from previous Fox segments where talking heads compared gay sex and gay marriage as leading to polygamy, lawlessness and bestiality (Bill O’Reilly says, “you can marry a turtle”), Stewart noted that Republicans are calling it a shrewd pandering for votes now.

“And that’s what’s really driving this,” says Michelle Malkin. “It’s all about politics and it’s all about money.”

Stewart insightfully concludes: “And this is the true measure of how far we’ve come as a nation. In like five years, the prime talking point about people who support gay marriage has gone from ‘It will destroy society via turtle f**king’ to ‘Of course you’re for it—you’ll say anything popular to get re-elected.’ And that is progress.”

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  • pedro


  • Cave Man

    All Stewart did was prove to the world how little Obama has done in his presidency—and how his V.P. has to make the case for policy before Obama will jump on the bandwagon. Obama could have made the same speech in January 2009 and gained support across the board, but by doing it now, it’s reeks of pure political desperation.

  • QJ201

    @Cave Man: Bitter much? I’m sure things would have been SO much better for us if McCain/Palin had won.

  • Belize

    Jason would like all you people to know that “Romney was actually one of the most gay-friendly governors.” There, Jason. I have already posted your predictable, repetitive gospel to save you the trouble. Maybe now you can go back to scrubbing Romney’s toilet.

  • Belize

    @Cave Man: “…but by doing it now, it’s reeks of pure political desperation.”

    Your username serves you well considering the fact that your comment reeks of political naivety. How on earth would that comment be out of political desperation when it is one of the worst political moves the man has ever done? Oh, I’m sorry. Are you one of those Republican Queens who think that majority of the LGBT would opt for someone like Romney instead of the lesser of two evils? Maybe you should stop taking political advice from Michelle Bachman.

  • jeff4justice

    I understand the fear of Republicans. But I don’t see that great of an evil difference with Obama’s NDAA, appointing Monsanto heads to the FDA, allowing the EPA to lower radiation standards after the Japan nuclear meltdown, attacking med marijuana users, attacking immigrants, attacking protestors’ and journalists’ rights, and escalating the wars and that’s just the beginning.

    Democrats were in the majority after ’08 and their so-called biggest accomplishment was a total alliterative sell-out on a half-assed health care bill.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results = voting for the 2party system.

    Look up on youtube:

    Stop voting for Democrats and Republicans


    Obama’s Marriage Equality Support Does Not OK His Evils

  • Matt

    I agree with both CaveMan and Jeff4Justice.

    Obama is not actually for same sex marriage or LGBT rights and equality.

  • Me

    Well, technically, Obama’s stance is pretty much that of the Republican Gov. of New Jersey. Obama believes that (unlike his parents’ interracial marriage) that “the states should decide” if millions of GLBT Americans can past the popularity contest enough to secure their equal rights. That should really please those people pushing to amend their state constitutions to exclude us. It should also negate the arguments on our side for overturning Prop 8 in California. A stupid, really stupid thing for Obama to needlessly add to his “declaration” of half-assed support.

    Thank god President Eisenhower (in the 1950s) or President Johnson (mid 1960s) weren’t like President Obama or we’d probably still have segregated schools and lunch-counters in the South. You don’t leave civil rights up to the mob to decide.

    Obama just can’t open his mouth without some kind of shit dropping out of it. He should have just left it at “I support marriage equality” without adding…well, if the mob decides it is ok with them.

    He better clarify soon. Already, people are starting to see his “great endorsement” as less than genuine. He substituted “god’s in the mix” with …the “mob should be in the mix”.

    How loathsome.

  • erfgiub

    idk why you guys are complaining???
    obama is much more LGBT friendly than romney…
    romney doesnt give a shit about the LGBT community and republicans dont give a shit either
    and he hasnt said he will change national legislation – he just said that he supports gay marriage
    and o reilly??? legalize gay sex??? since when is fucking gay sex illegal here

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