WATCH: Jonathan Groff Describes His Life In Song, Belts “I Fall In Love Too Easily”

It looks like moaning through all those incredibly hot, realistic sex scenes on Looking hasn’t damaged Jonathan Groff‘s voice!

The out actor joined Peter Travers on ABC’s Popcorn this morning to chat about his new starring role as Patrick, a gay man that is [probably going to spend the rest of the season] searching for love in San Francisco. When Travers asked Groff to sing a song “that says ‘This is how I feel now, this is Jonathan Groff,’” he serenaded the room with Frank Sinatra’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily.”

What a dreamboat!

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  • mz.sam

    What a HOTTIE!!!

  • dougmc92

    I wish this show was better- 3 episodes in and I really don’t care about any of the characters :(

  • Alan down in Florida

    In my next life I want to be Jonathan Groff. He is close to perfect without being intimidating.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @dougmc92: It’s true. I feel the show could be so much better if it wasn’t so stereotypical.

    It seems like they’re wasting Jonathan Groff who’s like a ray of sunshine.

    That show doesn’t seem like it allows him to shine.

    This clip is more of the Jonathan Groff I love compared to that show.

  • tardis

    Cute. Cute. Cute.

  • LadywithaLamp

    I like the 40 something hunk with the furry chest, that man could wait on me forever…WOOF!

  • TinoTurner

    Its weird, I agree that the show is dull and so are all the characters. The more I think about it, it seems that “todays gays” ARE indeed dull and boring with no unique or original thoughts of their own. With that, I wonder if the show is spot on.

  • balehead

    Gee, He sang that as well as Chris Pine…

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