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WATCH: Jonathan Groff Smoking Pot In The First Looking Clip From Episode 1

We already know quite a bit about the three main characters of the hyped new series, Looking. But did you know that they like to smoke marijuana and talk smack about their ex-boyfriends?

HBO has just released an official clip from the debut episode, premiering tomorrow, featuring Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Barlett. Here are some things we learned from the short yet illuminating scene:

1. Gay or straight, joint bachelor parties are “horrible.”

2. You can’t show up to your ex’s bachelor party without one of your main gays.

3. Getting engaged after four months is bizarre.

4. Posting about said engagement on Facebook is mockable.

5. “Portly” is the new “gay fat.”

Having a Looking premiere party tomorrow? Listen to some of the songs from the first few episodes to get you in the spirit.

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  • KDub

    Oooooh…how incredibly edgy! No one’s ever done this before. Ever. This is such an innovative idea for a show. Smoke pot. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Well, I am impressed and totally stoked about this show now. Wasn’t before but this totally did it for me. Can’t wait! (end sarcasm)

  • chaddyboy6

    yeah because smoking pot is so cool and hip all the gays are doing it. Well, this gay and many others he knows do not. Ugh! Well I have to watch the show before I make any final judgement. Hopefully it does not portray our community as sexed up, doped up, insecure narcissists.

  • davegun2

    I think it’s a good scene. It shows life in SF, I lived there. And for those that ‘end sarcasm or worry about narcissists, relax. It’s just a TV show.

  • DistingueTraces

    I’m sure in context that’s a great scene that develops the characters, but gosh, they couldn’t find a clip with more of a hook for people coming to the show cold?

  • potstirrer

    I refrained from making any inflammatory commentary or unjustified judgement about this show till I had watched the first episode (coz HAAAY! Bitches be Judgin, hunty ;-). anyways, just watched this clip, and ofcourse, it had to negatively reinforce fatphobia (as corroborated by the cackle of that moustached, handsome actor) . My thing is, this scene will perpetuate the stereotype on some impressionable individuals that being fat or “portly” in the gay community , or rather, the “gay world” = kiss of death = ugly. #shakesmyhead #stillwillreadthereviews

  • Maria Whittaker

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  • Geeker

    Upper class,white guys under 40 living in the gay mecca of San Francisco,It sounds like it’s geared towards a very narrow demographic.

  • masc4masc

    Yeah looks like the same guys, sorta masc but more femmy trying to be the gay male Sex & The City. Pass. Really wish gay TV/movie creators would try something more original.

  • SteveDenver

    Is “sarcasm” the new “gay orgasm,” it seems like a lot of sniping bitches get off on it.

    I don’t smoke pot, I’m not white or in my 30s or slender; but the scene felt honest and feasible. Love Tovey and Groff. Am totally looking forward to this.

  • DistingueTraces

    Yeah, the full episode was fun.

    There wasn’t a ton of skin, but there was a real sensuality to the scenes with Frankie Alvarez and OT Fagbenle – one of which was a threesome! Gay threesome on my TV screen, yes.

    Only thing is the pace is so casual and ambling that in half an hour hardly anything happens and then it’s over. They should have made hour-long episodes, or else released more than one at once like Netflix does.

    I just loved it a little, but it’s the kind of thing where I can already tell that I’ll like it more the more I see of it.

  • alanj

    I thought it was an excellent start to a character based series.
    You got the feeling through Andrew Haigh’s slow burn direction and the editing that there
    will be some interesting developments for the guys and story. Liked the soundtrack mix as well, not all doof doof. Agree it should of been an hour, does it have ads in US or something?
    Here it showed at 8pm, 10pm and 11.30pm so good prime time cable exposure.

  • tommyboy10

    Unfortunately, this show is going to get the same bitchy comments that QAF received because people will say “this doesn’t represent me” … and they won’t like the fact that it is an honest portrayal of gay life. To channel Brian Kinney, a character from QAF who does exist in our community, No excuses, No Apologies!!
    There are too many gay people trying to fit into the Hetero-normative lifestyle … and that is great, but not all gays want that nor deny who they are.

  • alanj

    Agreed. It can’t be all things to everyone, that would be one mess of a show.
    As long as the characters it focuses on are believable I’ll stick with it.

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