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WATCH: Jonathan Groff Smoking Pot In The First Looking Clip From Episode 1

We already know quite a bit about the three main characters of the hyped new series, Looking. But did you know that they like to smoke marijuana and talk smack about their ex-boyfriends?

HBO has just released an official clip from the debut episode, premiering tomorrow, featuring Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Barlett. Here are some things we learned from the short yet illuminating scene:

1. Gay or straight, joint bachelor parties are “horrible.”

2. You can’t show up to your ex’s bachelor party without one of your main gays.

3. Getting engaged after four months is bizarre.

4. Posting about said engagement on Facebook is mockable.

5. “Portly” is the new “gay fat.”

Having a Looking premiere party tomorrow? Listen to some of the songs from the first few episodes to get you in the spirit.