WATCH: Joshua Ledet Has A “No Homo” Moment On American Idol

Just as American Idol is nearing its final stretch, some potential gay drama has erupted to liven things up.

Last night, finalists Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips did a duet of the old classic “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and kind of sang the hell out of it. But while Phillips was all cute and cuddly, Ledet was all “no homo” about it—not even allowing his bro to put his arm around him. Even judge Steven Tyler commented on Ledet’s uptightness: “You need to look into each other’s eyes and sing that song! Get over it!”

Did anyone believe Ledet when he said “We were fighting over his girlfriend”?

Ledet’s one of the show’s strongest singers in many seasons—perhaps even the”past 50 years,” as J-Lo opined—but he kind of pings the gaydar pretty hard.  No one’s obligated to come out—and he may not even be gay—but a real entertainer can’t be so tense about their sexuality, no matter what it is. Look at Tyler—he’s straight but has played around with gender and sexuality for most of his career.

In his defense Ledet is only 20, and reaching a national platform for the first time. But if he is gay, there’s gonna be a point point where not being honest with himself and his audience will gets in the way of his performance.

We eagerly await the day Ledet belts out “I am What I am” before an adoring crowd.


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