WATCH: Joshua Ledet Has A “No Homo” Moment On American Idol

Just as American Idol is nearing its final stretch, some potential gay drama has erupted to liven things up.

Last night, finalists Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips did a duet of the old classic “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and kind of sang the hell out of it. But while Phillips was all cute and cuddly, Ledet was all “no homo” about it—not even allowing his bro to put his arm around him. Even judge Steven Tyler commented on Ledet’s uptightness: “You need to look into each other’s eyes and sing that song! Get over it!”

Did anyone believe Ledet when he said “We were fighting over his girlfriend”?

Ledet’s one of the show’s strongest singers in many seasons—perhaps even the”past 50 years,” as J-Lo opined—but he kind of pings the gaydar pretty hard.  No one’s obligated to come out—and he may not even be gay—but a real entertainer can’t be so tense about their sexuality, no matter what it is. Look at Tyler—he’s straight but has played around with gender and sexuality for most of his career.

In his defense Ledet is only 20, and reaching a national platform for the first time. But if he is gay, there’s gonna be a point point where not being honest with himself and his audience will gets in the way of his performance.

We eagerly await the day Ledet belts out “I am What I am” before an adoring crowd.


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  • Stephen


  • mattsy

    He gay

  • cam

    Phillips didn’t have a problem with it because he is straight. Ledet is uncomfortable because he is closeted and has to try to maintain the false front. He has also talked about how he and the girl Holly on the show are best friends etc…

    Poor guy, he’s in that confusing coming out time.

  • Chris S.

    It’s the southern pastor father thing…. So don’t count on him to expose himself even well after Idol.

  • manhandlemike

    It seems like he’s been uncomfortable from the beginning and now his attitude is such
    a turn off! His talent is formidable but not really marketable, I certainly won’t be
    buying his stuff… And what about AI parading Phillip Phillips girlfriend so we
    don’t get the idea that he’s gay? Its all so unnecessary because most of the fans
    could care less!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    He is his generations Luther Vandross.

  • delurker=a-hole

    They suck in a duet together. No Righteous Brothers there. My cat kept throwing kitty litter at the TV screen.

  • cam


    They would do that on “So You Think You Can Dance”. If any of the male dancers were particularly not masculine. The Exec Producer, “Nigel” would continually say to them week after week something like “And how hot was it dancing with (Insert female dancer’s name).

    It got so bad that he was getting called out on it in a major way on the shows boards.

    It’s just idiotic that the exec producer of a dance show is afraid people MIGHT figure out that pretty much every single guy on the show outside of the Russian Male Ballroom dancers, is gay.

  • MyBoo

    No disrespect, but so what. Not every black dude who may be or could be gay is into white men!!!

  • iDavid

    Obviously the two swallowed just before the song. Ledet just didn’t want to let on how much he enjoyed the throat coat. Sure nailed the song cuz if it. Easy peasy case solved.

  • prettygirls

    Oh Queenty you make me LOL so hard I pee a little.
    @MyBoo: yes ma’am. Exactly what I was about to say, you know if we “darkies” ain’t falling all over them then we must be closet cases, but you said it best. I can just close my browser and walk away.

  • Rockery

    I just heard Joshua sing for the first time today on another show (I don’t watch AI anymore) his singing is over the top! Not good, he is most definitely gay. But I think it was playful the “don’t touch me bit”, but if he is trying to play straight…..GIRL PLEASE

  • Jimmybillybob


  • Keith

    Who are these people? I don’t think that any of them have LOL played around with gender or sexuality. It’s not like they’re Ru Paul or David Bowie.

  • Cam

    No. 9 · MyBoo


    No. 11 · prettygirls

    You’re both idiots. He has done multiple things that clock him as gay. Nobody was saying that he had to love the person he was singing with….it was the fact that he was desperately trying so hard to play it straight.

    But you go right on trying to pretend that this is racial. Oh and while you’re at it, maybe you should find an interracial couple to complain about too…you know, as long as you’re already being stupid.

  • Kirk

    Come On GURLS! He is Black, American, Southern, Religious, and 20 years old. Does it matter if he is OUT or not. His demeaner is pure 2012 Little Richard. AND AND we don’t know what the relationship between Phillip and Joshua is. They could have had a row before their duet. It’s all about Jessica and Joshua. Phillip is SO CREEPY to me. The whole I am singer and maintaining a seizure at the same time is so unappealing (TO ME).

  • Gigi

    Don’t watch it and don’t really care but the “no homo” guy is such a homo! My gaydar was ding-ding-dinging!! Sad.

  • Larkin

    Phillip Phillips is a hawty.

  • LadyL

    So typical, so sad. Agree completely with Cam that this is NOT a criticism of a black male not being into white guys, and shame on you MyBoo and prettygirls for using the race card to explain away black homophobia. This kid is clearly fearful of what will happen with his family, friends and community if he comes out or is outed as gay. How many out and proud African-American LGBT celebs can you name? Homophobia and denial are so strong in black communities that even noteworthy dead LGBT people of color are ignored, their contributions to black people and the larger American culture forgotten, or (as with the celebrated likes of Vandross or writer James Baldwin) their homosexuality is denied or suppressed.

  • jeff4justice

    Phillip Phillips is such a cool guy and hot as heck.

    The show is soooooooo corny making these young kids sing dated songs like this.

  • UWSguy

    Ledet is going down the slippery sloape that Luther Vandross took

  • LaTeesha

    It wasn’t written as a duet and it’s not meant to be a duet. This was stupid.

  • MKisNE

    bland singing. i could sing better right now and my throat is sore. should have embraced the homo

  • CBRad

    @MKisNE: I agree. Very dull performance.

  • shannon


  • JT

    Can Jessica win already? Kaythanks gnite everybody.

  • Oh, ok

    Why does this show still come on?

  • Dinodogstar

    It’s so often the ones who have something to prove, who are the most overtly,openly homophobic- the other guy is so straight, with nothing to prove, no chip on his shoulder, kind of surprised he’s been so successful. Sorry Joshua, you decided to use this as an opportunity to attempt to set the ( potential) record (deal)straight, but grrrl ,you are as gay as Christmas as Saks or about one night’s stay in jail-away-from gay, and if you don’t know it, the rest of us do already. The ghost’s of American Idols past will haunt you, if you don’t come out before becoming a burried blub in the Advocate 2043 edition..

  • scott ny'er

    @Cam: And the thing about this is THEY brought race into this. Their statements are racists. Nobody else thought that until they brought it up. I wasn’t seeing black or white, just some dude who oversings and who I wondered if he was gay.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    I’m sorry, but if Phillip Phillips wins this damn thing, they might as well limit the competition in subsequent seasons to only white men who play instruments (see the previous four winners of this show). He isn’t even as talented or as unique as the producers/judges/Ryan Seacrest want you to believe.

  • Yid Nyingtse

    I love Phillip Phillips musical choices and I specially admire his personality and his family roots. Joshua was quite homophobic, but that is his private issue, right?

  • Dinodogstar

    @Yid Nyingtse: i think it is his private issues, but when he makes such a public display of (anti- gay)affection, and is in a constest for representing an American Idol, it would be great if he is gay, to be representing all the diversity that he may be, and that the gay community is. Kind of expect to have your private life out there,so to speak, if you are trying to win a popularity/talent contest in front of millions…

  • wingfield

    GUYS, if you saw the banter they had right before they performed it’s obvious Josh was playing. He was pretending to “hate” phillip the whole time. On a side note he has the personality of a wet noodle and vocally he does the same thing everything each week (Just like Phillip). This show has gone to the tank talent wise.

  • Oh, ok

    Are you ladies seriously worked up about this?

    I wish you could experience racism and stop whining all the goddamned time.

  • LaTeesha

    And why is this article subtitled, “bromance”? Does Queerty not understand just how homophobic that term is? That word is also an attack on heterosexual men.

  • Dinodogstar

    @Oh, ok: Issues of identity overlap; a person can be both African-American AND gay, or Jewish or whatever…I’m actually a male, not a lady. I am vey comfortable in my masculintity. My late mother was Cherokee, and she knew plenty about racism. Try to see that all oppression is related, and racism, any prejudice, really, is a destructive thing. Please don’t say gay people are whining, if my oppression isn’t exactly played out in the same way of your experience of racism. We aren’t whinning, and we won’t go the back ofthe bus, nor should anyone… you would be astonished the cutural contributions gay and lesbian poeple of color have made. I never wan’t to be asingle issue person, and I work for all kinds of social justice areas. My experience isn’t that of a Jewish, Black, etc experience, but it doesn’t mean it is invalid. I hate playing “who is the more oppressed group” game.

  • Disgusted American

    american idol is so mid-2000’s zzzzzzzzzz

  • Cam


    LOL!!!!!!! Well of course YOU would! ;)

  • Oh, ok

    @Dinodogstar: It’s utterly hilarious that you’re telling me that you can be two groups at once considering I’m both black and gay. You do know brown people make up 75% of the world right?

    We experience more subtle infringements upon our rights that we can’t even begin to prove to those who have never experienced them and therefore have to suck it up and take it.

    Meanwhile you have the luxury of crying over some kid not pretending to be gay on stage, and turning around to bully him calling him gay…which is what you feel others do to you.

    There’s also the very large amount of r acism that goes on in the “gay community” itself which is why a black person making a white gay male feel less than white spawns more hatred and animosity than a white person making a white gay male feel less than white.

    Homophobia in the government(which is the infringement upon rights that gay people face) is powered by white people. Yet the focus of anger about homophobia from white gays is squarely on blacks.

    R acism 101, and it’s ironic that that word is filtered because Queerty doesn’t want anyone to be able to mention it. Remember I said subtle? Yeah.

    Keep WHINING about a 20 year old on a television show who really did nothing wrong. If anything his right to personal comfort was being infringed upon on a television show by producers who wanted to push a silly stunt to make headlines. American Idol producers are notorious for being backstage forcing contestants to do and say what they want for ratings.

    That said it’s really amusing that you have the luxury of ignoring real problems the rest of non-white America faces to whine about some kid on a television show not making out with his duet partner.

    First world problems. I’m sure it was terrible for you and then you changed the channel on your flat screen to something else, meanwhile things like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk2b_twCCdw still happen.

  • RLS

    American Idol is so over. I can’t even believe that people are still talking about it. I haven’t watched since 2004. And the “winners” can’t even sell records. I mean Taylor Hicks? Really?


    @Oh, ok: 100 points my friend, well said.
    @LadyL: “african-americans” don’t need “out and proud african-american” celebs to make them feel that it is okay to be LGBT, many have positive examples of LGBT people right in their own
    @Cam: Just because some LGBT people view the world differently than you do don’t always make them stupid.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Suggesting there’s a racial component to this faux drama is totally ridiculous. Having these two do that song in a duet was just as ridiculous. I think it was sorta mean to put the gay kid in that position. If he were the type to camp it up, he would have done so, and the show certainly knows his personality at this point. It’s really easy to expect every stranger you don’t know to be the next public out and proud gay spokesperson while you yourselves have zero to lose like the person you’re critiquing does. So now that he “failed the test” he’s getting the internet screw job.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    “He has also talked about how he and the girl Holly on the show are best friends etc”

    Oh well that’ll really trick all the viewers. Because no gay men EVER gravitate to female BFFs. eyroll.

  • lizcivious

    @LaTeesha: Excuse me, but this song was a giant hit by the Righteous Brothers-a duet.

  • Sansacro

    @MyBoo: ??? And so casually embracing, instead of aggressively rejecting, the well-intentioned physical contact of a peer would mean he’s into white guys? You need to chill bro.

  • Nikko

    The black guy was rude, unprofessional and homophobic. What a scene blunder at the end. Jackass.

  • Oh, ok

    @Nikko: The only jackasses are idiots like you taking offense and getting upset over absolutely nothing.

  • Nikko

    Wrong, dumbass. The guy’s reaction was rude, period.

  • Nikko

    @Oh, ok: Absolutely nothing, really?! What don’t you see a rude, homophobic rejection, densehead?

  • Fag Daddy

    The Nigress is totally GAY!! I expect to see her on Rupaul’s Drag Race next!

  • Oh, ok

    @Nikko: Rejection is homophobic? I guess most gay men are homophobic then.

    Pull your head out of your ass and stop trying to feel sorry for yourself on a daily basis looking for something to cry about.

    Shedding tears over a kid on American Idol is first world problems at it’s best. Get a life.

  • Oh, ok

    @Fag Daddy: At least you aren’t cowardly in your ra cism like these other losers. I’ll give you credit for that.

  • evji108

    He Be Gay. Black and Gay.


    @Fag Daddy: What is a Nigress? I’m Jamaican so some of these American slang words I haven’t heard before.

  • JoshGay

    Joshua is GAY.

    A straight guy will not act the way he acted. Philip is a straight guy who doesn’t have problem putting arms around another guy. If Colton did a duet with Philip, he may put his arm on Philip’s shoulder too.

    Look at the reaction of Joshua. He seemed to be electrified when Philip placed his arms on his shoulder. Joshua is very uncomfortable with his sexuality. He has to hide his homosexuality but the way he sings, his mannerisms show how very gay he is. He acts like Fantasia. No straight guy can do that. He is very close to Hollie because they share the same interest. If Joshua indeed has a girlfriend, why would he get that close to Hollie? He is saying he has a girlfriend to cover up for his gayness. Cmon GAY JOSHUA… come out… Be honest with America. You don’t want to come out because you are afraid to lose votes. Cmon Gay Joshua come out..

  • Nikko

    @Oh, ok: Yes, his rejection(shrugging) was due to the fact that a guy was embracing him, and that set off his (typical) black homophobic reaction.. Read: homophobic. Don’t pretend you don’t see it and claim it’s no big deal.

  • Dinodogstar

    I don’t know why I bothered to justify your rant by any response, when you didn’t read or understand what I was saying. Please don’t use someone as a vent for your frustrations and anger; I am not the person who caused it, I don’t support the conditions that make you angry. I was talking pro-actively, with concern and compassion for the larger issue this 30 second tv moment. I was saying many of the same things you were saying, and didn’t come at anyone with anger or bullying. If I am coming to this site, I very probably value and feel pride in the fact i’m gay, and saying someone else is gay, or questioning their angry response to something that the peson took out of context, much like what you did to me, is wrong and dumb. So weirdly ironic that you made a comment about my beliefs, when they are completely supportive of what you feel. You’reodd, angry response to me threw me off guard, especially since it is essentially what I was trying to express. I still don’t understand how you interpreted what I said to be the opposite of what I clearly had said. So I’ll leave it at that. I am not the person oppressing you, or African-Americans, I am not supportive of that beleif system, and I am apparently too sensitive and concerned to bother with an irrational, mis-directed attack.

  • Dinodogstar

    @SEXXYJAMAICAN: I don’t understand your trail of logic, by saying the African_American community doesn’t need out LGBT examples, because you know out LGBT people in your community. If they weren’t out, then how woluld they be positive examples, if you didn’t know? If someone is a postion of being a positive influence, in your local community or in the larger public sphere,and can be a positive role model, then aren’t you completely contradciting your own statement. I don’t need out Black people because I know out Black people so I don’t need to know out Black people…weird looping illogical, contradictory statement. I don’t understand your response to what I and others here and in the real world say.

  • Dinodogstar

    @Oh, ok: that is a misogynistic remark, calling anyone here” ladies”, first, it’s an attempt to bully and name call gay men by questioning their malesness, oldest dumb 3rd grade remake i’ve heard in a while. Secondly, if I am feminine or not maculine enough because of orientation, by your weird standards, then you are being homophobic, alongthe same lines ofreasoning as Joshua. Calling me woman-ly isn’t offensive to me, since I don’t think being gay, or being effeminent or being female is a less-than-accpetable status. It’s so strange how we participate in our own predudices and abuse..Joshua feared being perceived as gay, and it’s very stange tht he would take that position since he is thought to be gay,and is then the target of anti-gay attitudes. Thatis the point of it. Homophobia is wrong, and more wrong and is doubly- ironic, coming from someone who is oppessed by his racial status AND considered gay or effeminent. I don’t know how itcan be said any clearer.

  • Dinodogstar

    @LadyL: Best comment said, and best written with it’s content understandable and logical.

  • Diane

    Well…we all knew Clay Aiken was gay from day one…when a guy sings like Joshua you know hes gay!! Lance Bass “had girlfriends” and hes gay..Adam Lambert didnt even hide he was gay. And dont try to turn the discussion to Taylor Hicks when its about Joshua!! Taylor Hicks isnt mainstream thats why he hasnt sold alot. If Phillip put his arm around me I would faint!


    @Dinodogstar: Apparently you didn’t read my comment. I said that Black LGBT or LGBT people of color don’t need “out and proud” LGBT CELEBRITIES of color to make them feel like being LGBT is okay they have plenty of positive examples right in the own community. It’s plain as day in my comment. Some of you people act as though Black LGBT people don’t know that there is homophobia in the Black community but it gets real tired, real quick when many LGBT act like Black folk are the ONLY homophobic people in this world. If Black Homophobia was wiped out today LGBT people would STLLL face the same damn inequalities that we faced yesterday. I hope you understand my trail of logic more clearly. Peaces

  • Oh, ok

    @Nikko: About as typical as your pathetic ra cism. Cry more.

  • Dinodogstar

    I won’t come back moderator.

  • Dinodogstar

    I’ve lost that ‘lovin feelin’ I came here with…

  • NoelG

    Whatever was going on had to do with the song. Before the performance, Phillip said the song was just dropped on them. I think Joshua was upset about something to do with the arrangement of the song. The song didn’t fit Phillip and the arrangement didn’t fit Joshua. As I listened to them perform I first thought how bad it sounded then I noticed the arrangement, such as it was, favored Phillip and muted Joshua and that’s what I think Joshua was pissed off about. Perhaps Phillip had some hand in the arrangement?

  • Dinodogstar

    OK I [email protected]SEXXYJAMAICAN: I did read your comment, and that IS why I felt differently, and commented about it. I don’t understand how, on one hand you feel it’s important to know LGBT Black folks who live near you, and contribute and are positive role models, but then on the other hand,you take a 180 degree view of(yes I got it)”celelbrities”, well known Black LGBT people, and say it’s the *opposite* of important.
    I think it’s imporant to hear LGBT voices of color, and I think you would agree as you are speaking as one, affirming the importace of the real representation of the diverity of the LGBT communty. I think it’s further even more important to hear voices of color WITHIN the LGBT community. And to continue that line or reason (and I think your comments suggest that it’s a value you hold as well) that perhaps it’s even much more imporant, to have visible LGBT Black representation outside of the insular micro LGBT community,diverse representation in the big macro world we all inhabit. Again your speaking affirms that you think it’s important for Black LGBT voices to be heard, and that’s the 180 dgree disconnect in logic i don’t get. You seem to say,in my micro world, it’s very important to know Black LGBT people.BUT in the larger real world, it’s the opposite of important to know Black people. That’s the contradiction in logic of your argument i couldn’t rationalize. Visiblity is very important, but visiblity is very unimportant? That’s what I didn’t get. To feel Black celebrities being ‘out’ is unimportant, I understand and accept that belief. But then you took your argument in the opposite direction, contradicting what you had just stated.
    I also didn’t appreciate that you supported the guy who went off on me, scapegoated me as his vent to talk about race, and bizzarely* was angry at me, despite my previous statement sharing the exact same view. I also have to add, I don’t think I ‘ve ever heard it expressed that the LGBT community, or LGBT white/non-African-American communty feels that the larger Black community is responsible for homophobia or the support of it. I have only heard LGBT people say it is the political far-right wing, the GOP, or any Christain group that is leaning towards the more fundamentalist expression of Christianity. OK..I think talking is very important, when it is done in a positive humanistic manner out of love and empathy. I think any visibilty is good. I think hearing Poeple of Colors’ voices is very important. I think celebrities have a lot of power, influence, and the ability to help represent the diversity of the world, which is what I think African-Americans have been pressing for and continue to do so, just talking about the racial issue alone. So when you are appreciatively speaking out for LGBT People of Color, you are *affirming* your belief that visiblity is a positive thing for LGBT Black folks, not just in a small insular LGBT African-American community you are lucky to know, and why it seemed contradictory to say in the next sentence. It’s not the semantics of using the word “celebrity”,I heard that; it’s the disagreement *with your own beliefs* that repesentation of African-Americans is important as a positive and meaningful reality of full acknowledgement, inclusion and representation of “everyone”.

  • Kenny

    let me tell you. only a closeted gay guy would have this insecurity. a straight guy like Phillip would not mind this. So I say Joshua is a closeted gay. and very gay.


    @Dinodogstar: Thanks for your comment man, but I think we are going to have to agree to disagree. I still don’t think “out and proud” Black celebrities do more to help other Black LGBT people feel it’s okay to be LGBT, set positive examples about Black LGBT people in general or make some non-LGBT Black people more accepting of us. When they actually see, come in contact with, or get to know “out and Proud” Black LGBT “regular” people being product members and contributing to their communities, rearing their childern, and taking care of their bidness “just like them” speaks volume. I also feel when those Black LGBT people who have found the coming out process difficult see a gay, Black man and other LGBT people like me, in various communities across this country leading happy, healthy, productive lives sets a more positive example than some famous “out and proud” person who comes on T.V. every once and awhile and makes a PSA about being LGBT.

    Now what you and “Oh,Ok” got going on does not concern me. I felt that what he said about Ra cism in the Gay community was well stated and spot on, if you felt I offened you, that was not my intentions and that was my bad.. The Gay communtiy is filled with racism, transphobia, biphobia, etc.and until we address these issues then I don’t think there will ever be true equality for ALL LGBT people. I invite you to take a look at older articles when a bLack homophbe is involved the Majority of the posters on Qweerty will lump ALL Black people in with the black homophobe. My grandma is black, so is my grandad, my mother, all ten of my siblings, my best friends, the dudes I talk to at the barber shop, the ladies I know in the hair salon are all black and they happen to be some of my biggest supporters. I am both Black and Gay and I will not choose one over the other, I don’t put up with homophobic black folk just like I don’t put up with racist, transphobic, biphoic gay folk.


    @Dinodogstar: I gave a reply to your comment but I guess Qweerty has to “moderate” me first. I guess they are checking my background records to see if I have a violent, militant history. Maybe “they” will post it, It was civil and it didn’t have a disrespectful line in it. Funny they “moderate” some comments but let others like “fag daddy” and his “nigress” comment (thanks google) stand. It would be funny if it wasn’t soooooo damn sad

  • Oh, ok

    @Kenny: That’s total bullshit.

    Being uncomfortable with someone laying hands on you can stem from many reasons. It’s coming off really pathetic spouting this nonsense that all straight men have to prove they’re ok with being fondled by other men in order prove they’re straight.

    This is what bigots used to do to us and now you’re turning it around on anyone and everyone. Why stoop to the level of a bigot?

    I’m a gay man, I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t know very well. Does that make me a closeted gay man?

    Not everyone likes or wants to be touched. Not all men are ok with being intimate with other men. No one on the planet owes anyone anything so stop with the bullshit!

    It is not insecurity to reject an embrace you do not want.

    Most of you act like he punched the guy in the mouth and shouted “Faggot”.

  • Oh, ok

    It is not insecurity to reject an embrace you do not want.

    Most of you act like he punched the guy in the mouth and shouted “Faggot”.

  • Oh, ok

    It is not insecurity to reject an embrace you do not want.

    Most of you act like he punched the guy in the mouth and shouted “Fa ggot”.

  • Henry Page

    In this day and age it is sad if two guys cannot even sing this song to each other like they mean it – even if they are straight or gay! No one is asking them to role play gay sex!

  • Mark Cervul

    Joshua is wonderful and happens to be gay. It is such a difficult time for him. Let’s give him the support he needs to come out with comfort. Why Robin Roberts still is in the closet publicly, is beyond me. Robin, you are bright, talented, and can be a role model for the many gay women who are hiding. It is your responsibility as a nationally loved woman to come out to the country.


  • panimae

    @Henry page. I was in shock reading the comments of these sad contributors. I totally agree. We all do believe that Joshua is most likely gay because of that reaction but lets give him his space to perform and earn the title he so deserves. I find these people on here very cruel in their thinking and maybe most are Americans who should be supporting him and Phillip Phillips who I find incredibly talented as well in his own loveable way.

  • eugenie

    How cruel so many comments here. I am ashamed of many of you.

  • eugenie

    And no,I am not gay. But I’m sure I will be labeled with whatever comes out of the first persons mouth! Stop being cruel to Joshua. He has not earned your cruel reactions!!

  • eugenie

    This was my first time on this site and it’s my last! Keep the hate out!!

  • Jay

    Oh ok, you’re absolutely nuts. They’ve known each other for 6 month. Not only that, they’ve been in very close contact. To act as if they don’t know each is stupidly disingenuous. He’s not a stranger, and they’ve shown signs of being friends in the show, before and after this performance. Your little conspiracies about Joshua not liking to be touched by strangers is …ridiculous. As others have said

    1) Joshua was just playing
    2) He truly is an insecure gay male with a religious family. Happens all the time. This isn’t the first performance to sett off my gaydar. He carries himself like a gay man, I and many others suspected it long before this incident.

    So, stop getting worked up over your little conspiracy about Joshua hating to be touched. (Hell he embraced his BFF Hollie quite often.) Like I said, this was either played out on purpose, or he truly is a closeted gay.

  • Brenda

    I guess no one is annoyed by the meek, emaciated geisha girl, Jessica, shyly giggling in her hand after growling her way through a Whitney or Dream Girls song? Does she really have more stage presence than Joshua? My, we Americans are so not choosey.

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