WATCH: Judy Garland Didn’t Think Her Fans Were Gay

Gay icon Judy Garland would have been 90 years old on Sunday. In the above video, local Chicago interviewer Irv Kupcinet sits down with Garland in September 1967, less than two years before before her death. He’s really a dick, throwing awkward questions at a star who has obviously seen better days. Hopefully he was soon relegated to introducing the midnight movie.

But the clip is most telling near the 3:23 mark, when Kupcinet asks Garland about a Life magazine article that brands her as a homosexual icon. Garland’s gets flustered—well, she’s flustered the whole interview—and replies that all kinds of people come to her shows. She then calls the woman who wrote the Life story a “fella” and says “she’d be damned” if her audience was going to be treated so brutally.

So was she defending us or denigrating us?  We’re not sure.

Below, a clip of Judy more in her prime.

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