WATCH: Kirk Cameron Romances Randy Rainbow, Angers Rosie O’Donnell

Randy Rainbow, an under-appreciated theater gay who makes hilarious YouTube videos, has done it again with his latest. In the video above, he tries to convince his boyfriend Kirk Cameron (whom he met on Grindr, obvi) to settle down and tie the knot, while Kirk spits back his nonsensical lines, like “marriage is as old as dirt.” It ends on a musical number, naturally.

As the Kirk Cameron controversy wanes, another queen has produced some creative content from it: Rosie O’Donnell! Here, she rails again Cameron in an impassioned rant calling him an impious imp and a bad Christian.

Also late to weigh in on the whole thing: the idiotic American Family Assocation. Notice how they can spell neither Piers Morgan’s first name nor GLAAD.

Head over to GLAAD’s site to sign their petition to tell Kirk Cameron to grow up, if you’re so inclined.