WATCH: Kirk Cameron Romances Randy Rainbow, Angers Rosie O’Donnell

Randy Rainbow, an under-appreciated theater gay who makes hilarious YouTube videos, has done it again with his latest. In the video above, he tries to convince his boyfriend Kirk Cameron (whom he met on Grindr, obvi) to settle down and tie the knot, while Kirk spits back his nonsensical lines, like “marriage is as old as dirt.” It ends on a musical number, naturally.

As the Kirk Cameron controversy wanes, another queen has produced some creative content from it: Rosie O’Donnell! Here, she rails again Cameron in an impassioned rant calling him an impious imp and a bad Christian.

Also late to weigh in on the whole thing: the idiotic American Family Assocation. Notice how they can spell neither Piers Morgan’s first name nor GLAAD.

Head over to GLAAD’s site to sign their petition to tell Kirk Cameron to grow up, if you’re so inclined.

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  • xamthor

    Gay= unnatural. Except that it occurs throughout nature. Over 1,500 species on this planet.
    Source: http://www.news-medical.net/news/2006/10/23/20718.aspx

    Gay= destructive to civilization. How? What civilization was ever destroyed by “gay behavior”? Sodom & Gommorah never actually existed. It’s just a fairy tale. Some one tell me what civilization was destroyed?

    And what does it mean to be “civilized” anyway? What makes a group of people living together, civilized?
    My guess is the culture. Culture is the creative imagination applied to surviving. Areas like science, literature, art, philosophy …good manners… areas that have all been dominated by Gay people throughout history.
    Gays have made a HUGE contribution to civilization.

  • Cam

    On the bright side, this is much more attention than Cameron usually gets in his real job….working the 3am shift in the Macon Georgia Waffle House.

  • randy

    @xamthor: S&G were destroyed NOT by gays! If these idiots ever actually read their bible, they would find out that God destroyed the cities because they failed to show hospitality to strangers.

  • Owen

    Oh, for once, lets not focus on the politics and just agree that Randy Rainbow is fucking brilliant.

  • LandStander

    @randy: Destroyed by god for a lack of hospitality? That is just as crazy as saying it was destroyed because of gays.

    Meteors happen, yo.

    Not because god is mad at someone.
    Because there are tons of them in space, and sometimes they hit us…

  • Christopher Banks

    I don’t know why people try to argue with the Kirks of this world over biblical points. It makes as much sense as trying to argue with a fanboy over the Star Wars canon. It’s fiction, written in a time when loinclothes were de rigeur fashion items. Stick to the evidence, and picking apart the fallacious logic in his arguments (an easy task).

  • justme

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but i believe that Randy and Kirk are a cute couple and I hope that they work out their differences and make a go of this marriage thing.

  • Curtis

    God Bless, you Rossie.
    lmao xD

  • Cam

    @Christopher Banks: said…

    “I don’t know why people try to argue with the Kirks of this world over biblical points. It makes as much sense as trying to argue with a fanboy over the Star Wars canon.”

    I agree, however, since most of them are hypocrites and don’t follow everything int he Bible it is nice to throw their own hypocrisy in their face.

  • thcommenter

    @xamthor: OMG, 1500 species! I’d better switch teams and catch up so I won’t get left behind by this evolutionary juggernaut. Wait a sec … 8.7 million species (according to recent estimates) … hmm, that’s 1500/8700000 … no, those estimates could be off by +-1.3 million so let’s go low (pun?) and call it 7.4 million to be safe … OK, 1500/7400000 is … whoa! 0.0203%!!! Dang, them heterosexuals are sure bucking the trend now, huh? Well, maybe it isn’t fair to include species “less evolved” and enlightened than animals so let’s see about that – 1.25 million animals (give or take) presently living and reproducing on mother earth (we’ll have to ignore the millions that don’t exist anymore – hmm, were they gay?) so that would be 1500/1250000 is … gee, 0.12%. Sounds like somebody didn’t spend enough time studying math in 5th grade.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Rosie is wrong. Cameron is a “good” Christian. It’s Christianity that’s the problem.

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