WATCH: Kristin Chenoweth And Leslie Bibb Get Bitchy, Texas-Style, In GCB Teaser

Kristin Chenoweth may still be waiting to play Dolly Parton in the country queen’s unfinished autobiographical musical, but she’s been busy with he new midseason show GCB—a.k.a. Good Christian Bee-yotches—which premieres on ABC this Sunday at 10pm/9 central. Check out a teaser above.

It looks like a Southern-fried version of Mean Girls, with a cast that includes Leslie Bibb (Popular, Talladega Nights), Jennifer Aspen (Glee) and an amazingly preserved Annie Potts (Designing Women). Chenoweth plays Carlene Cockburn, a former nerd turned into a hottie thanks to the blessings of Jesus (and her plastic surgeon)

We hear that a lot of the bitchery goes down during God’s good Sunday Mass.

Ooh, Rick Santorum will not like that.

Below is another clip of Chenoweth and Aspen plotting against Bibb’s character, Amanda Vaughn, who has recently moved back to Dallas with her children after her husband died. Apparently Amanda was the queen bee in high school, where she tried to ruin her gal pals’ lives, and they’re just itching for some revenge.

Well bless their hearts!