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  • James

    Even in cartoon form, she is still annoying.

  • Mark

    @James: No one likes everyone James. I’ve grown to admire her for all her work with kids, suicide prevention, etc. She’s a hard working woman and no one is forcing you to watch or to listen to her. It’s called the “off” button or the channel select button.

  • Belize

    @Mark: This coming from a person so judgmental about tattoos? Why am I not surprised?

  • Aussie Col

    I don’t own any Gaga music, but I like some of it AND I love her for what she has done to to support Gay youth… she is wonderful member of humanity and a brilliant LGBT ally.
    Now what really annoys me are people that have too much time on their hands and need to get attention by dissing good people because of ridiculous personal minutia.

  • James

    @Mark: Shuddup!

  • velocifero

    Various website and mainstream media outlets in other countries have documented Gaga’s fabrications and lies about her past. She has cynically used LBGT youth to her financial advantage and does little real good for the LGBT community, except provide lip service and setup her so-called charities which are nothing but tax havens for the woman who supposedly dislike money so much. The LGBT community needs to grow up and stop idolizing “divas” and pop stars as our heroes. We have heroes already in the hundreds of thousands of families who are living in committed, loving relationships and raising wonderful kids. As well as the youth out there who are the next generation of activists. But giving any credit to Gaga for being good to the LBGT community is naive. This is a drug addled, alcoholic who lip syncs on stage (YouTube videos of her new fiasco tour show this clearly) and is nothing but a sociopathic narcissist. She’s the biggest pop swindle since Milli Vanilli. But she’s is nothing to idolize.

  • Bee

    @velocifero: Shows how much you know lol.

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