WATCH: Lady Gaga Gives Props To Cher, Sings National Anthem At NYC Pride Kick Off Rally

“This is our night and now we can marry it if we want to,” Lady Gaga told the crowd gathered at Pier 26 last night for NYC Pride‘s Kick Off Rally. Walking Sashaying of her own accord, Gaga made good on her rumored return and she had indeed been missed, at least by the young queer kids who seemed to make up the majority of the audience, who greeted her with rapturous applause.

Giving props to Edie Windsor and Cher — perhaps hoping to put to rest any rumors of a feud —  the Lady singled out the LGBT community for always accepting her, saying that she “saw God for the first time” in us. She capped off her speech with a flawless rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, only with a decidedly rainbow-spangled twist.

‘Twas a great kick-off to NYC Pride, not to mention a great kick-off to Lady Gaga’s comeback…because that’s happening, kids.