WATCH: Lady Gaga Gives Props To Cher, Sings National Anthem At NYC Pride Kick Off Rally

“This is our night and now we can marry it if we want to,” Lady Gaga told the crowd gathered at Pier 26 last night for NYC Pride‘s Kick Off Rally. Walking Sashaying of her own accord, Gaga made good on her rumored return and she had indeed been missed, at least by the young queer kids who seemed to make up the majority of the audience, who greeted her with rapturous applause.

Giving props to Edie Windsor and Cher — perhaps hoping to put to rest any rumors of a feud —  the Lady singled out the LGBT community for always accepting her, saying that she “saw God for the first time” in us. She capped off her speech with a flawless rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, only with a decidedly rainbow-spangled twist.

‘Twas a great kick-off to NYC Pride, not to mention a great kick-off to Lady Gaga’s comeback…because that’s happening, kids.

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  • goldstargay

    Was their seriously nobody else available to speak on such a monumental occasion aside from the pandering self-annointed Eva Peron of the gays?

  • im2bused

    I’m not a fan, yes, they could have found a better
    choice to represent the community, but DAMN
    She sang that well!!

  • Red Meat

    @goldstargay: Oh, you mean Madonna right? LMAO

  • jwrappaport

    @goldstargay: There again, she’s more to do than simply get the message through. She hasn’t started. Let’s get this show on the road – let’s make it obvious: Gaga is off and rolling.

    I can’t decide how I feel about her. She offends my bitter, contrarian sensibilities, but I admire her message of inclusiveness.

  • kayakriver

    @goldstargay: and who would you rather have up there? Gaga has been a strong supporter of gay rights for years. She’s the world’s most powerful musician and we should be so glad to have her to make headlines for us. Everyone else the gays adore madonna, beyoncé, rihanna couldn’t be bothered to rally for us let alone make an appearance at pride to show support.

  • Icebloo

    All these celebrities now coming out of the woodwork and claiming they were the ones who did this for us ! Gaga hasn’t done a THING for us. She doesn’t even reTweet messages to her millions of fans when we need people to sign petitions !

    I am so sick of these straight people getting rich off gay people but never giving anything back – Joan Rivers, GaGa, Bette Midler, Kathy Griffin, Cher etc etc. None of them have actually DONE anything for us. ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

    The reason we are making progress is because we have BOUGHT our rights. Gay people have raised millions of dollars over the last 30+ years to fund politicians who support us and to make TV commercials to educate the public. WE have done this ourselves !

  • mattsy

    she looks ”refreshed”

  • Jame

    @kayakriver:hmmmmm …..How about Edie Windsor? Hell Cyndi Lauper, has been there for us for a very long time. Gaga does it for face time.

  • goldstargay

    @kayakriver: Well if they were going the singer route, how about Cyndi Lauper who actually has more relevance right now than does Gaga thanks to Kinky Boots, she’s also been a staunch ally for decades and has shown time and time again that she isn’t just in it for the quick indisposable gay buck. Or somebody like Brandi Carlile, an out lesbian singer who just recently got married.

  • rawrlee

    It is bitter old queens like the ones who have commented above that do the most damage to the LGBT Community. You all do nothing but burn bridges to those who support us, and cause divisiveness within the community. Politics, Religion, Heterosexuals those are not our biggest enemy right now, we are our own worst enemy with people like you all dividing within the community, and constantly trashing those who support us. If you don’t want to buy her album, don’t. If you don’t want to watch her videos, don’t. If you don’t want to go to her concerts, don’t. But please shut the fuck up and quit bitching every time someone throws us a lifeline and tries to show their support you bitter old queens. People like you are the reason why we won’t achieve full equality because we cannot even unite within.

    You guys are seriously astonishing. Lady Gaga has been an ally to the community for her whole career and before then as a friend to many people in the LGBT Community. Regardless if Lauper has been there for us “longer” or not is irrelevant. Gaga gave a beautiful heartfelt speech last night and performed a flawless rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

    Whether you like her music or her as an artist or not, the bottom line is she is consistently named in Forbes list of most powerful people, including this year as the most powerful person in music- and second on the whole list only to Oprah. Whether you think she is “genuine” or not, she has a huge following and is constantly in the spotlight. Her message is, has and always will be about inclusiveness and that message gets dispersed to millions. Sorry but Lauper does not have the star power outside of the LGBT Community to bring the attention to the cause that we need.

    Gaga has also never claimed to be the reason for our movement, she has merely claimed to be happy to be a part of it and experience the ride with us not for us. Sure Shitney, Beyonce and others can make a tweet about supporting rights but please don’t forget who was out there giving speeches on the White House lawn, bringing discharged soldiers on the red carpet of the VMA’s to bring attention to that, making a video encouraging all of her followers to call the senate and their representatives and demand DADT to be repealed, speaking to thousands at the DADT rally, pulling her stuff from stores that donated money to anti LGBT organizations, meeting with President Obama to discuss hate crimes laws, setting up a foundation that gives at risk LGBT youth a safe place to receive help for free, and speaking about gay rights at every one of her sold out shows across not only this country but the world.

    Whether you like it or not Gaga is the closest thing to bridge the heterosexual and gay communities. She has fans who are both gay and straight. Madonna is primarily pandering to one community and same with Cher- they don’t reach across the boundaries that we need them too. They will forever be “gay icons” but they can’t help bridge the gap between everyone.

  • Wilbready

    “gave proof THROUGH the night” not to the night. Learn the words!

  • Ely

    @rawrlee: I agree with you completely !!!! Well said

  • Kevin

    @goldstargay: Haters gonna hate. How much charity work have you done for the LGBT community? Gaga has done everything asked of her and more. She didn’t have to spend countless days and nights pushing for the repeal of DADT, but she did because she is a good person.

  • Kevin

    @rawrlee: Well said Rawlee, the negativity hurled at Gaga by the older gay set (ie: angry bitter Madonna fans) is nauseating. She doesn’t need to do any of the LGBT charity work she does and her records would still sell millions to the gays.

    @goldstargay Cyndi Lauper might have been around longer, but most younger people would have no clue who she is. Lauper also decided to work with super homophobe Donald Trump in order to boost her failing career, so that right there should disqualify her as a LGBT champion.

  • ShowMeGuy

    What the fuck is wrong with those idiots? You don’t scream and cheer throughout the singing of the *Star-Spangled Banner*….as if it were a show….even if the Singer performs it as if it were such. It is our national anthem, get some self-respect.

    Now, I will step down off my soapbox….”Lady Gaga….you go girl ! ! ! ! !”

  • goldstargay

    @Kevin: I’ve been volunteering with my area Pride organization since I was 19, so just under 10 years. Also I am far from a “bitter old queen” and I would argue that that kind of language amongst the gay community is far more divisive than me saying I’d prefer an actual member of our community speak out in celebration of our triumphs than an ally whose intentions have been questioned far behind my initial comment. But thank you for proving that Gaga fans go for the jugular when their queen’s influence is questioned.

  • 2eo

    @goldstargay: So you’re 29, but when you post as Brian you claim to be in your mid 40’s.

    What a weird age, I hope I don’t go through multiple personality disorder.

  • SmartManbear

    @goldstargay: I like the Cyndi Lauper suggestion. In her defense, if she were invited (or not), it might have been a simple matter of logistics: she is on tour right now. [She appeared last week not even a mile from me at Talking Stick Resort, on her 60th birthday at that!] I don’t particulary mind Gaga performing. I’m not a big fan, but she has taken pains to elevate GLBT issues in the public eye, or at least among her followers. I don’t know of any other cause on which she’s spoken out so often.

  • goldstargay

    @2eo: This was my first time posting here, which I guess makes you the crazy one.

  • SmartManbear

    @rawrlee: Respect your opinion. But I think you’re injecting a lot of divisiveness yourself by characterizing anyone as “bitter old queens.” I don’t know quite how you arrive at that, logically speaking. What you say about LG is true, but you come across as an ageist just a bit.

    I’m 56 and not bitter. Unless someone without reason thinks I am.

    Maybe turn your flamethrower back into cigarette lighter, just a little bit?

  • rawrlee

    @smartmanbear and @goldstargay First, I apologize for the use of “bitter old queen” if it was perceived as an attack on age. Maybe its me being from the south, or maybe I have just misunderstood the phrasing but I have always called and hear people called regardless of age a “bitter old queen.” It was not meant to say that everyone posting is of a certain age but more of a certain mentality, if that makes sense. Regardless I apologize for that phrasing if it was done incorrectly, but the rest of my statement I stand by.

  • rawrlee

    @SmartManbear: @goldstargay:

    Sorry for the above post, new to posting on here thought the @reply was like twitter, didn’t realize it didn’t work like that until after.

    First, I apologize for the use of “bitter old queen” if it was perceived as an attack on age. Maybe its me being from the south, or maybe I have just misunderstood the phrasing but I have always called and hear people called regardless of age a “bitter old queen.” It was not meant to say that everyone posting is of a certain age but more of a certain mentality, if that makes sense. Regardless I apologize for that phrasing if it was done incorrectly, but the rest of my statement I stand by. I know that this movement toward equality would not be anywhere that it is today without generations of LGBT activists and allies, so really at the age of 24, the comforts that I have in my daily life are owed thanks to those of the older generations. So thank you for helping pave the way. (the below is not directed at you both personally but everyone in general)

    I feel like the same people who say they want to be treated equally are the ones trashing those who show their support. Like I said above whether you think her support is genuine or not, though I would greatly disagree if you feel it is disingenuous and would say you should do more homework on Gaga and what she has actually done and tried to do. Regardless it is a community ally. We cannot do this alone, we have to have allies from the heterosexual community as well or it will always be an us vs them mentality. Be grateful she is using such a large platform to fight for YOUR rights as you sit like a coward behind a message board and trash her.

  • kayakriver

    @rawrlee: BRAVO! this should shut up the naysayers.

  • nf0603

    I’m not a fan of Gaga but really think someone needs to show this clip to Michelle Bachmann since she seems so unaware of how being good to the gays has its rewards. You’d think Bachmann would’ve seen the way the LGBT community practically canonized Gaga as a saint overnight as soon as she put Born This Way out and want some of that gay adoration for herself.

  • kayakriver

    As rawrlee pointed out, Gaga has done a whole lot for us. Much more than anyone else in the entertainment industry. So let’s respect her even if you aren’t a fan.

  • Jim Hlavac

    You know, I don’t often see such vigorous and opposing viewpoints on issues until I come to Queerty, and many other gay sites as well. This is partly because hetero sites are mostly all one thing or the other, all right wing, all left wing. And so everyone commenting speaks with a similar voice. But it also shows that there is no “gay” or “LGBT” position on anything — I note too, that on most “LGBT” sites nearly everyone is gay men, oh, 80% or more — so where are the LBT folks? Seem to be some other place, perhaps. Or, gay men make up the larger part of the community. Still, it’s refreshing and pleasant to see – and something to learn by — rather than listen to echos of your own thoughts. Enjoy it, and who knows, one might learn something.

  • crazyvibes

    seriously…call me old school..but you do not change the words EVER to the national anthem. It is unpatriotic and just plain rude.

  • s312g

    I don’t understand why so many of you hate Lady Gaga. She has spent a lot of time and energy helping the gay community. She was a huge advocate when we were trying to get DADT overturned. She’s not just doing this for the attention. She’s actually done stuff. So many celebrities sit there and say “gay rights for all!” but that’s all they do. She’s actually trying to empower people and help not only LGBT as a whole, but young LGBT. She’s one of the only celebrities who has actually reached out a helping hand to the community.

  • MudgeBoy

    I’m a 68 year old gay man and I love gaga. I love “Born This Way,” and many others. I loved her tribute to Jodie Rodemeyer, and her song “I Am My Hair.” I’m grateful for people like her speaking up for the gay community. When I was growing up there was no one like her. I never knew anyone gay in high school, and there was not a single “out” gay man to be a role model that I knew of. There were rumors that Rock Hudson was gay and Liberace sure seemed gay but they never admitted it. Just sayin’…

  • Red Meat

    @MudgeBoy: Spill that tea.

  • 2eo

    @Red Meat: As a Brit, that is the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen on this site.

    You take that back.

  • Polaro

    @goldstargay: Never satisfied…

  • Polaro

    @rawrlee: You hit the nail on the head. Bitter “old” queens, that have nothing good to say about anything, ever. And if they really aren’t old, they sure act it.

  • stanhope

    The author of the comment that included “bitter old queens” might want to retract the statement but hell, I’ll pick it up proudly. Many of those hater comments do sound like bitter old queens. If that is not politically correct..I really don’t care a rat’s rear. This is a time when we should celebrate all who support us and there is no question that Gaga has ALWAYS been a supporter. What she has done just for gay youth is laudable. If you BOQs feel that someone like Elizabeth Taylor would be more fitting, then raise her from the grave and perhaps then you’ll be satisfied. I, for one, want to thank Lady Gaga for all she’s done and continues to do. The haters aka BOQs can stroke their cats, sit in a circle with other of their kind eat Paula Deen food and watch porn movies with boys they never were and will never have without commerce. So there, it’s been said.

  • Fausto Fernós

    I think it’s perfectly fine to criticize or praise any entertainer for doing what Gaga did. It means we care about our world, our communities and families when we speak out like this. Lady Gaga will be just fine with or without your love. I’m glad that she gets a lot of milage for aiming herself at an LGBT audience, and welcome her even if it is just pandering. Pander away! I want to be fought over by divas, instead of in the past when divas would condemn and then later backpeddle their misinformed statements.

    Remember Donna Summer?

    If Lady Gaga makes your ears bleed, that’s fine too. I love to hear from all viewpoints, because it makes my world and life much richer, and better.

  • rawrlee


    if you read above i did not retract but I explained in further detail what I originally meant about bitter old queens.

  • jstepp88

    As a minority community that is still fighting for our rights, I say that we are in no position to pick and choose who we have support us. We have to take all of the suport that we can get! Lady GaGa is just as good a guest speaker as any. She has advanced our cause, and our message of inclusiveness due to her level of exposure and notoriety. Stop being hateful, judgmental, and bitter. If you don’t like her, smile, thank her for her support and move on. My only qualm with this is the fact that she changed the words. I know she did it out of pride and support. But I prefer it the way it was written.

  • Jeanluc Capri

    I am really touched by Ms. Gaga! I had the pleasure to have met her in person, she has contributed generously to my human rights foundation! Her performance last night at the NYC gay pride, was great and pungently convincing! She is a leader for sure and not afraid of the insurmountable obstacles that constantly stalk people like her! Cheers Dr. Jeanluc Capri

  • Cee

    The gays who talk bad about Gaga are clueless. It’s one thing if you don’t like her music, but when it comes to LGBT rights she has done more than other other artist I can name. Gaga has donated a $hit load of money to LGBT rights. MONEY TALKS. Not only that, but she is more vocal about LGBT rights than any other artist I can name. Understand the power of awareness. She is in a position of power and influence. She doesn’t have to use it to help the LGBT community. She’s a music artist, not a politician. Be thankful she uses her position to help you bitter gays. I’m not even a Gaga fan, but I’ll been damned if the bitter gays try to discredit her. You are your own worst enemy.

    SN: Gaga has not only helped the gays, but she helped Haiti, Hurricane Sandy. She donates to AIDS foundation and Civil Rights organizations. She is not just for gays, and everything is not about gays. So get your heads out of your butts. She is doing good things.

  • mpwaite

    @rawlee.. I’m 47 and I LOVE GAGA!! I think she is very sincere and real. I had the chance to meet her before she was GAGA.. She came to Dallas Pride and performed with a group.. She asked the owner of a country bar “Round UP Saloon” if she could sing a set, and he said, “Sure.” there were about 100 people in the bar when she gave an impromptu concert.. I remember thinking, “What an amazing voice she has.. She will be big some day.” After her set she sat on the curb outside the bar and waiting for her ride.. I walked up to her and told her how much I enjoyed her music.. She was very nice and we talked for about 15 minutes until her ride came; It was shortly after that she was discovered.. but she never forgot the bar.. and NOW everytime she has a show in Dallas she comes to the Round UP and gives an impromptu concert after her major concert. IT’S AWESOME!! She always tells everyone how much she loves the gay community and will never forget them…. She IS the real deal…. I’ve ALWAYS been a MADONNA fan.. But MADONNA has been up and down with the community throughout her career.. And yes we adore CHER.. But neither Madonna not Cher has rolled up their sleeves and truly gone to bat for us..

  • Red Meat

    @2eo: As an American, I hope that you are aware of what spilling tea means on the interweb.

  • 2eo

    @Red Meat: I’ve had access to the net since 1993 and I’ve not seen it used in that context ever, even on oldest of the old Usenet. A quick check has yielded the result as something about drama, however it isn’t really in the internet lexicon just because some people in SF think it is.

  • James

    @goldstargay: How is a self-identified bisexual person who started a foundation to combat anti-GLBT bullying and is frequently advocating for LGBT equality pandering?

  • James

    @Jame: you are aware that Gaga was one of like 30 speakers at the rally, and Windsor, an octogenarian who has been a bit busy for someone her age lately, was the grand marshal?

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