WATCH: Lady Gaga Reveals “Telephone” Sequel, Plans To Make More Films And She Hates Cats

When Lady Gaga called into UK’s KISS FM station she answered questions from fans including what she’d name her child and plans for a film career.

During the interview, the entertainer confirmed that she’s planning a continuation for her epic “Paparazzi”/”Telephone” films. The video will again be directed by Jonas Åkerlund for a track on her upcoming ARTPOP album, though she hasn’t revealed the song title. “It is surely coming,” Gaga said. “I am so excited to be filming it and doing it.”

Speaking about her appearance on the VMAs this Sunday, Gaga says it’s the most physically challenging performance she’s ever done. “It’s so beautiful and so indicative of me as an artist,” she said. “I feel the performance is a giant metaphor for me.” She added that she’s rehearsed so much that her feet have bled.

She also shared that she’s excited for fans to see her upcoming film debut Machete Kills.

“I loved working with Robert Rodriguez,” she said. “He really believes in me as an actress.” Gaga described the collaboration with Rodriguez, noted for his low-budget, over-the-top violent epics, as “insane.” She added,”It’s led to more projects as well as other movies that I can’t talk about yet.”

One question she couldn’t answer is what she’d call her child. Gaga refused to be put on the spot, saying that children aren’t accessories and that a proper name would require much thought. The deejays amend the question to find out what she’d name a pet cat. But, alas, Mother Monster is not enamored with the four-legged fuzzy felines.  But if someone sent her a cat in a box, she’d probably call it Sofia.