WATCH: Lady Gaga showed up at The Abbey so it looks like Pride is ready to roll!

Lady Gaga in West Hollywood (Photo: The Abbey)

If you haven’t caught that dewy scent of Pride season yet, West Hollywood went full bloom as Lady Gaga helped kick off an event celebrating The Abbey’s 30’th birthday.

The Los Angeles gay bar has been a pillar in the LGBTQ community for the last three decades, though its fate was uncertain during the pandemic. It opened and closed four times over the last year, and even the owners weren’t sure it could withstand that hit.

“West Hollywood has always been a safe zone for our community and I’m glad to add a chapter to make sure that continues,” The Abbey’s founder David Cooley told CBSLA. “The Abbey is also a safe zone. I’ve met some of the most interesting people in the world here at The Abbey.”

Folks out enjoying the day were treated to quite the surprise as Gaga rolled up in her torn fishnets and “Born This Way” t-shirt, with a cat eye that would make Amy Winehouse proud. She gave a speech and accepted a key to the city.

This June is going to look a whole lot different than the last one.