WATCH: Lady Gaga Stuns WeHo Gays With Surprise “Applause” Performance

Scathing reviews of Lady Gaga’s “Applause” came pouring in like the death toll after a major natural disaster yesterday, but that didn’t stop the International pop star/sad clown from having a celebratory drink in West Hollywood.

Gaga issued a “pop music emergency” yesterday for the early release of the song—the first from her upcoming third studio album, Artpop—due to a number of leaks that hit the internet. Also because she’s terrified of Katy Perry.

Rumors of a secret live performance began swirling after Gaga tweeted a series of hints suggesting she would be doing something major in West Hollywood last night.

And major it was! Watch here as Lady Gaga commandeers the stage of Micky’s to film the lyric video for the brand new single. Yep, that’s her in the black pencil dress right next to the runway. We have no idea who those painted queens dancing in bedsheets are, but we’re living for them as well!

(And where were the venue’s trademark go-go boys? Probably in the back touching each other’s penises, but that’s not the story here.)

UPDATE: NewNowNext reports that those dancin’ gals in bedsheets are actually Drag Race alums Detox, Shangela and Morgan McMichaels!

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  • Kevin

    Queerty why must you constantly bash Gaga just to get page views? You are getting as desperate and pathetic as Perez Hilton.

    “applause” has not received “scathing reviews” by any one accept bloggers looking to start drama. Music critics have universally praised the electro track.

  • kendall1968

    Scathing reviews?? I didn’t hear any!

  • redcarpet

    It’s a pop track, if you don’t like electro pop you ain’t gonna like Gaga no matter what she does. The only “scathing reviews” I’ve heard are rancid hipster queens bitching in comments sections.

    I thought it was quite good, but I’m a Little Monster (er, maybe a big one, I am a bear pushing 30).

  • 1EqualityUSA

    David Bowie used to get slammed every time he created something. Nostalgia’s for geeks, but I like to read. Why is our country so hard on artists? The colors are exciting, the energy is there, if I’m too old and cranky to appreciate new work, then that’s my problem. It’s harmless art. People are having fun. She’s not mean-spirited. Evolution is natural. Create!

  • jesaves

    the tweets she sent out were telling fans to come and be part of the lyric video on of the people dressed up is courtney act a famous drag queen

  • NoelG

    What scathing reviews are you talking about? I did a search for reviews of the song by the major music publications and they were generally positive. Does the writer or Queerty for some reason have an axe to grind in publishing demonstrably inaccurate information?

  • Randy

    Yeah sorry I know you have a right to say what you want in your articles but it seriously undermines whatever prestige you think Queerty’s arts sections purport to have when you write something so blatantly untrue and hyperbolic as that claim.

  • tardis

    @Kevin: This site just doesn’t seem to like her. I’d rather them just stop talking about her than see articles like these. They’re pretty mean to her. Say what you will about her, she’s a pretty strong ally.

  • Steven

    The two dancing queens are Shangela and Courtney Act. Detox and Morgan McMichaels did a separate performance. See instagram photo for reference:

  • BitterOldQueen

    I’m way too old to be obsessed with a popstar, but nonetheless I was all over the Web when “Applause” was released. Other than a predicatable “meh” from Spin, I didn’t see anything scathing pouring in anywhere. No one’s shrieking that it’s a masterpiece, but scathing? Honestly, Q, behave like good little web journalists and cite your sources, please.

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