WATCH: Latest “All I Want For Christmas” Video Features Hunky Sailors, Sad Homecoming Story

Christmas is still 19 days away and already it seems that Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is destined to become the most homoerotically lip-synched video of the holiday season. But unlike the ultra-cheery leotard couple who made the last video, the navy guys in this one actually have a heart-rending story to accompany their horn-inducing video.

Jezebel’s Whitney Jefferson explains:

Royal Navy’s HMS Ocean deployed earlier this year, they expected to be out to sea for seven weeks. But their boat was diverted to Libya and at this point, the ship has been away for for seven months. During this time, graduations and birthdays were missed, fifteen men became fathers and five had to leave the boat to get married. But recently came good news — the crew would be home for Christmas!

Even Mariah Carey gave her thumbs up to the video. Now if the next video can just combine leotarded choreography and military hotties, that’ll be quite the stocking stuffer.

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  • Marie Cohn

    The two wielding the firehose caused a four-alarm fire, “down there.”

  • Sam

    Yeah. Trust me. Skip to 2:42. Phwoar.

  • ewe

    That was very well thought out and charming. Very entertaining and the end was touching.

  • iDavid

    Now that I know what servicemen do in their off time, sign me up! That was fantastic.

  • bagooka

    Wow very impressive!!!

  • Brad

    0:23 He’s the kind of present I’d love to see underneath my Xmas Tree.

  • Sue

    I LOVED IT….Great job to all. Thanks for your service and the video!!

  • XTAN

    SO GREAT- they rocked and glad they will be home for Xmas.. and just FYI- with the repeal of DADT next years has a light show, live animals, a Lada Gaga guest spot as wel as hair, makeup and wardobe designes…militarty budget is gonna go through the roof.

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