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WATCH: This lavish gay Indian wedding is the stuff of dreams

Vaibhav Jain and Parag V. Mehta recently got married in a beautiful, traditional Indian wedding in Texas, and gorgeous videos from the romantic event have been making the rounds online.

The newlyweds are quite the power couple: Jain is a research associate with the American Institutes for Research and an Executive Board member of the South Asian Public Health Association, and Mehta is a Mastercard senior vice president who previously served as chief of staff and senior advisor to the 19th U.S. Surgeon General.

Vaibhav Jain and Parag Mehta. Couple to get married soon

Posted by I am Gay from India on Saturday, November 17, 2018

Before the wedding, Jain revealed that he came to the United States in 2011 after being driven out of India by Section 377, the British colonial-era law made homosexuality illegal until 2018. While in India, Jain claimed to have girlfriends in order to pass as straight. “I can now be who I am and stop leading a dual life,” he told CNBC-TV18 in November.

“Yes, my struggles in India growing up as a gay man were real and often very painful,” he added. “Parag grew up on the other end of the world in a small town in Central Texas but his experience and struggles were definitely comparable to my own, if not more. For him, growing up as a brown immigrant kid in a white town was a constant struggle of identity. Adding the layer of being a closeted gay guy in a conservative household just made things even harder for him.”

As they became husband and husband in Killeen, Texas, on March 30, the grooms had their family members at their side. “We are blessed to have the love and support of both sets of our parents as we start a new chapter in our lives,” Jain told CNBC-TV18.