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WATCH: Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer and Alexxis Lemire spill on the love triangle in ‘The Half of It’

The Half Of It – Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer – Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

High school makes strange bedfellows.

How else does a quiet jock end up turning to another quiet, nerdy girl for help in wooing a popular girl? So goes the premise of the new Netflix comedy The Half of It from writer/director Alice Wu.

The movie reimagines Cyrano De Bergerac in an adolescent setting, substituting a queer woman for the verbose Frenchman with a long nose. The film casts Leah Lewis as Ellie, the shy girl in question; Daniel Diemer as Paul, the sweet but slightly dopey footballer; and Alexxis Lemire as Aster, a beautiful, popular girl with a spirit a bit to independent for a small-town high school.

Queerty managed to grab time with the three actors to discuss their characters, the film, and young love just ahead of the film’s streaming premiere. The Half of It lands on Netflix May 1.