WATCH: Learn The Truth Behind The Red (Headed) Menace In “The Secret of Wendel Samson”

Courtesy of SissyDude comes “The Secret of Wendel Samson,” a piece of vintage celluloid psychedelica from queer filmmaker  Mike Kuchar, circa 1966.

Shy Pop artist Wendel Samson (played by real Pop artist Red Grooms) can’t work up the nerve to break up with his boyfriend, so he has anonymous trysts with other men. Meanwhile, when his female friend Margaret pressures him into an intimate relationship, it sends Wendel spiraling into a nightmare world where he’s violently punished for his sexuality.

If “Samson” doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense—one reviewer said, “[Kuchar] never met a plot he couldn’t pepper with nonsequitors, asides, and dream sequences”—remember it was the ’60s.

Maybe it’ll be clearer after a funny cigarette or a few of mother’s little helpers.