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  • John Doe

    Undocumented = illegal, regardless if you’re straight or gay.

    My partner is a foreign national and he cannot legally enter the USA. We decided years ago to OBEY the immigration laws and to work within the system EVEN IF it discriminates against us because we are a same-sex couple.

    Sadly, however, many people prefer to break the immigration laws… which many of us follow EVEN THOUGH we are significantly hurt by it. For years my partner and I have obeyed these laws. Yes, it is a huge strain on our relationship and it sucks. It is NOT easy to be separated for so long because of LGBT discrimination. But, we obey the laws.

  • Dixie Rect

    Illegal is illegal. Doesn’t matter about which letter they are.

  • Fidelio

    I find it utterly tragic anyone in the LGBT community not rally behind meaningful immigration reform that would help bring 11 million undocumented workers in America out of the shadows, including about 1 million Dreamers. I’ve seen so many HRC monikers in profiles of those choosing to marginalize further a group of people who have, otherwise, contributed positively to the American economy. From construction, to manufacturing, to human services the undocumented worker has earned his or her stake in our future and to call such people illegal is dehumanizing. At a very minimum, such disrespectful language runs contrary to the values of any human rights mission and is beneath the dignity of the LGBT community.

  • alterego1980

    I am fully in favor of immigration reform; especially for those who came here on the backs of their parents. Your situation is most unfortunate and I wish you every opportunity to stay and become a legal citizen of the only country you know as home. Of course there are others who are here illegally because they hopped a fence, forded a river or stowed away on a boat. Gay, straight or otherwise, you should have acquired legal status before entering this country. I would prefer you leave or be deported and come back when you are legal.

  • John Doe

    @Fidelio: Calling such people illegal is dehumanizing? They are BREAKING FEDERAL LAWS every single day that they remain in the USA. Are you wanting people to pick and choose which federal laws they should obey? Forget it. Illegal is ILLEGAL. The only sympathy I have for these lawbreakers are the innocent children that are brought here. THOSE individuals should receive mercy and compassion. There needs to be a comprehensive answer to help THEM, especially if they were brought here pre-16 years old and don’t have any connections to their homeland. BUT, at the same time, they are still here illegally. The parents? SEND THEM HOME. This is exactly what Canada would do if I as an American illegally entered Canada. France would do the same thing. Germany. Italy. MEXICO. Brazil. Only the USA is falling into the politics of this issue vs. enforcing laws.

  • Fidelio

    @John Doe: Marrying a person of the same sex is currently illegal in most states, but we are fighting to change those laws because they are unjust. I consider it incredulous that 11 million workers in the United States, working below prevailing wages and conditions, who often risked life and limb to arrive here for the purpose of finding work, are further marginalized by many in the LGBT community. We are not Canada. We are not Brazil. We are the US, whose economy only stands to benefit by fully integrating this group of people into society. Consider what the Center for American Progress has said about legalization for immigrants already living here:

    $1.5 trillion added to economy,
    3.4% GDP growth rate,
    A decrease of .1% unemployment, annually,
    About $5 billion in added tax revenue,
    Immigrant business owners generate 12% of all business income,
    $2.6 trillion in losses if all undocumented immigrants were deported,
    618,000 jobs lost if mass deportation were to occur, and
    $285 billion in costs just to deport undocumented immigrants.

    Currently, there is a net zero immigration flow from Latin America into the US. What we are talking about are the undocumented immigrants already living here. If your only argument is that unauthorized entry is illegal, then I challenge you or anyone else to reevaluate the true nature of your skepticism.

    Just recently I read about a Dreamer LGBT youth fighting to stay in the country with the person he loves. Someone commented that he was in a similar situation, but decided to move to the country where his boyfriend is from and wait until change happened, rather than break any laws. I found it far more courageous that a young man would be willing to out himself out twice in order to fight for legalization that would even make the change possible.

  • viveutvivas

    I find it incredible that people who have never known REAL hardship in their lives come out with this kind of ignorant condemnations aimed at people who have to struggle to survive from day to day.

  • viveutvivas

    i guess what ome of these responses show is that gays can be bullies too. Some people just can’t feel good about themselves unless they put down the less fortunate.

  • the other Greg

    @viveutvivas: I find it incredible that people who have never worked as janitors (for instance) are totally cool with “undocumented” immigrants illegally undercutting the wages of American citizens who happen to be manual laborers. @viveutvivas: I guess what some of these responses show is that gays can be airheads too. Some people just can’t feel good about themselves unless they’re imagining some airy abstraction that can’t possibly affect them.

  • Raquel Santiago

    @John Doe: Many times these laws are broken so they can have a better life. YES, i agree they should try and obey immigration laws and try to enter legally but sometimes if their lives are in danger because of the identity this is not always possible.

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