WATCH: This life-affirming dance video is the wholesome content you need today

(Photo: @bobsdanceshop/Instagram)

A video shot in Los Angeles and posted to Tik Tok and Instagram has gone viral for its sheer joie de vivre.

Posted by Bob’s Dance Shop, it’s racked up over 12million views on Tik Tok and 25k comments since appearing last week!

It’s set to the song, ‘Around The World (La La La La La)’ by ATC. A lone performer dances down the park’s slope and is slowly joined by more and more. It has the hashtag #foryourpride in its caption.

@bobsdanceshopFlash Bob ⚡️Strikes LA ##flashmob ##flashbob ##dancechallenge ##foryourpride ##foryou @kameroncomk @jaketgarcia @lucashive @asenseofhuber♬ original sound – Bob’s Dance Shop

There’s a part 2 to the video here. Bob’s Dance Shop, which specializes in flash mob productions, also posted part of the video to Instagram. In a caption, it said: “All of these beautiful people met just 2 hours prior to performing this dance.

“It takes a level of courage, patience and commitment to show up and learn, rehearse and perform a dance in front of people you don’t know. Our hearts are so full from all the love and good energy we shared with you lovely humans! Thank you for showing up and being your best selves

“It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve been able to flash the public like this. It brings so much pure joy to us and everyone participating in the dance and we are lucky to be able to share that joy with the public.”


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Bob’s Dance Shop, whose dancers are affectionately known as ‘the Bobettes’ followed it up with another flash mob performance over the weekend, this time in San Francisco’s Dolores Mission Park.

“What a beautiful experience to be alive, breathing and dancing together in community again,” the account send in the accompanying caption.

“We are in a vital time where our world needs healing. The law of life says ‘movement activates movement’ so we’re out here moving and grooving, making waves and sending them ‘around the world.’ Our intention is to bring joy to the ordinary moment. To find peace with our past, love in our present and an openness to our future.’

“We want to inspire people to be spontaneous, creative, courageous and boldly themselves. To choose Love over fear, always and forever.


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