Life’s No Bowl Of Cherries For That Choboni-Loving, Power-Walking Psycho, Gayle

Take a spoonful of Desperate Housewives, mix in a cup of Strangers with Candy and a pinch of RuPaul’s Drag Race and you have Gayle, our latest web-series obsession.

Creator Chris Fleming, 25, plays Gayle Waters-Waters, a tightly wound suburban mom who won’t rest until her life is perfect—even if that means kidnapping someone’s child so she has a partner to go kayaking with. Trapped in Gayle’s insane sphere of influence are her long-suffering husband, Dave, and kids, Molly Gross Waters-Waters and Ira Glass Waters-Waters. (Gayle and her husband already had the same name before they married but she insisted on hyphenating it anyway.)

Season One is wrapped and now Fleming is raising funds on Kickstarter to help produce Season 2 for the fall.