WATCH: Log Cabin Republicans Take To Fox News To Denounce Hagel Nomination

Gregory T. Angelo, Interim President of the Log Cabin Republicans,  sat down with that beacon of reason and logic known as Bill O’Reilly to discuss his organization’s opposition to Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel.

“We’re opposing the nomination first and foremost because we’re Republicans,” Angelo begins, though O’Reilly astutely counters that so is Hagel. But Angelo notes that “there are myriad Republicans who are coming out in opposition to a Chuck Hagel nomination for myriad reasons.”

When he can get a word in edgewise, Angelo goes on to criticize Hagel’s much-publicized anti-gay record and O’Reilly asks if Hagel’s, or anyone’s, opposition to gay rights disqualifies them from holding office.

Angelo’s  answer: depends.

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  • Cam

    O’Reilly asks if Hagel’s, or anyone’s, opposition to gay rights disqualifies them from holding office.

    Angelo’s answer: depends.”

    Yeah, it depends on whether or not they are a politican that the group has already endorsed.

    The right wingers knew they couldn’t attack Hagel from the right because it wouldn’t matter to Obama. So they have basically paid Log Cabin, a group with nearly zero fundraising ability now, to lead the attack. Log Cabin could NOT have funded a full page ad in the NYTimes and has already admitted that it was paid for from outside.

    Apparently now they are just hired mercenaries when the right wing needs to attack somebody. They would work much better if they hadn’t already endorsed multiple candidates with far worse records on gay rights than Hagel.

  • Little-Kiwi

    this is hilarious. newsflash, Gay Republicans, this is why your own people, your own family, and your own party, don’t respect you and treat you as doormats.

    what did they say?

    “well, Bill, we realized that this was a great opportunity to remind our white families, who hate us, that we’ll always find ways to complain about things related to Blacks and Liberals, and ignore the bigotry in our own party’s members and leaders, because that’s the only way we earn the tolerance we’ve almost got from our fellow Republicans”

    Gay GOPers. You’re the cowardly scum of the country.

  • 2eo

    Depends. Depends.

    These Uncle Tom’s are everything wrong with politicians, they are begging to be murdered last, and literally for nothing else.

  • JohnQPublic

    The height of hypocrisy. They endorsed Romney for President a few months ago when he had virtually the same positions on gay issues that they now claim Hagel had 14 years ago and which they now claim disqualifies him from being in the cabinet. Did you note how careful O’Relly was not to hang them out to dry on what he certainly knew was the fatal flaw in their phoney position……painfully making sure not to mention Israel. Shame on Americans allowing themselves to serve as stalking horses for a foreign power.

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